Thursday, May 6, 2010

[100506] Kyuhyun's Message to ELF

'Hello everybody, I am Super Junior of Kyuhyun! Sorry , Sorry from us had been in the past a year, two months. I am grateful to the four series of the same on our hearts, loves us, waiting for our ELF are. Because this album will not let you down, carefully prepared. Please protect our lot. Please give us lot of the relief, please, thank you'

cre; blueprintz4
mandarin trans by; BillyCrap
english rough trans by; honeymoney

[100505] Donghae in Front of Galleria Department Store [Photos]

cre; tpdus0tpqms, 16candl3s & innyface★, uksujusid @

[100505] Galleria LED (Video)

 It's a special reward that this department store give for the foreign customers, and it's a lottery.
so if the customer win the biggest prize, she can request something to show on the LED screen. The winning customer is a Taiwanese E.L.F, she decided to propagate SJ's 4th album for them.the department store is in Korea.

the awesomeness of ELF!

[100506] Super Junior SM Town Website Update

when you enter the super junior's official site you will see this big picture

one of the application, you will see this picture as the header

i can't wait and so excited for tomorrow's teaser.
how about you? ;p


[100506] Eeteuk's Twitter Updates

'대만 여러분들의 4집홍보..갤러리아 백화점에 홍보문구.. 와~~~~진짜 정말 대박이에요!!!^^'

rough trans;
'Galleria department store in Taiwan in your promotions 4th album .. .. And ~ ~ ~ ~ It's really really daebak!!!^^'

'7일..슈퍼주니어 티져 공개..!!!! 이제 정말 시작이구나..'

'7 days to go.. Super Junior released a teaser..!!!! It's happening now..'

f(x) Released New Music Video

overall to me, this music video looks like their first MV which was La Cha Ta.
i mean the studio and props.
but i do love their new hair.

so what do you think?
please do support them since they are so close to our Super Junior. ;)

Super Junior to Appear on SUKIRA on May 14th - Showing off Their Muscles

Leeteuk said on last night’s Sukira that Super Junior members will appear as guests on May 14th on Sukira. They will be going to Sukira after their first performance on Music Bank. Leeteuk gave us a hint as to their style of clothes saying that the clothes easily come off so that they can show off their muscles. Leeteuk also said since they’ll be showing off their muscle on the Music Bank stage, they will also show us their muscles on Sukira as well.

awhh. can't wait!


cre; Minnie, Twelfs

Vote for Yesung

please vote for Yesung on Korea's Global TV Arirang.


but you have to sign up first.

Tick 'Superjunior / It Has To Be You'

SJ 4Jib Photo Teaser #2

it looks like everyone started to go crazy.
the handsomeness of them made us melt. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

#3 teaser which is the MV will be out tomorrow.
stay tuned ;)