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[180610] Snowdrop SPLASH Update

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《纯韩时尚》Magazine – July Edition

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韩流飓风 Magazine (June Edition)

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[100617] World Cup Festival- Donghae
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ShinDong-Lee Teuk’s ‘kiss scene’ photo gets fans jealous

Super Junior reveals a photo of a ‘kiss scene’ with team leader Lee Teuk.

ShinDong posted on his Twitter on 17th June a photo and wrote, “This is good.. Really wild…Title: Sleeping Beauty Lee Teuk. OST: ‘Should I or should I not’.”

In the photo revealed, ShinDong was seen with his lips very close to Lee Teuk’s and Lee Teuk was seen fast asleep. Fans’ responses are, “Shindong please stop”, “No, ShinDong, just not the lips”, “Lee Teuk wake up, it’s getting dangerous” etc.


[100613] Sungmin at Hong Gil Dong

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[100618] Super Junior Choi SiWon casted for drama ‘Athena’, a spin-off production from ‘IRIS’

Super Junior Choi SiWon is known to be casted for upcoming drama ‘Athena: The Goddess Of War’ a spin-off production from large scale action drama ‘IRIS’.

According to an official on 18th June, Choi SiWon has been casted for the drama. He will be taking up the role of Kim JoonHo, a rookie ellite. Earlier speculations for the role casting points to Kim HyunJoong but it seems that the speculations have misfired.

The other stars casted for the drama include Cha SeungWon, Jung WooSeong, SooAe and Lee JiaH, and the first filming was known to have started recently. The shooting will take place in 6 countries including Europe and Japan.

The drama is set to air later this year.

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