Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nickhun & Shindong Compare Face Sizes

2PM member Nickhun and Super Junior Shindong's 'battle of the mouth sizes' picture has triggered off many smiles from the netizens.

2PM's interesting talk on ShinDong's MBC radio show has attracted many listeners. However after the radio show, during the phototaking session, Shindong's head was twice the size of Nichkun's. They even started to compare the size of their mouths, opening them wide, as if trying to eat each other up, causing many netizens to smile happily.

Netizens left comments like: Shindong's face is twice as big as Nickhun's? Oh my! Nickhun who has put up a battle with Shindong looks like he's going to eat him up; Shindong's face and mouth are both twice the size of Nickhun's.
Source: TV Daily (chinese)
Translation: bulletproof@ sj-world.net

Sungmin and Donghae Playing with iPhone

credit; uriage

[100608] Yesung's Brother Update Twitpic with his Parents without Yesung

형빼고 가족사진 ㅋㅋㅋ http://yfrog.com/0uvkzzj
except hyung in the family photo ㅋㅋㅋ

*'hyung' refers to yesung*

source; @Kjzz

Super Junior & f(x) in MusicAsia Magazine Scans

SUPER JUNIOR & f(x) in MusicAsia Magazine Scans

Better late than never ! MusicAsia Magazine is a local magazine published by Psicom Publishing, dedicated to J-Pop, K-pop etc. In this issue, they featured Super Junior and f(x) among others.

We got this magazine from Fully Booked store in Trinoma.

Source: Universal Records @ facebook
Shared by: CassELFs.blogspot.com

[100605][FULL] Star King - Super Junior

Part 1;

Part 2;

Part 3; 

Part 4;

Part 5;

Part 6;

Part 7;

credit; M0chiSK @ yt

[100604][Fancam] Donghae and Shindong Filming Quiz Sixth Sense

credit; pinkninjaish @ yt

[100607] Yesung' Cyworld - Photo Entry



source; Yesung's Cyworld (in 하루하루 folder)

[100607] Leeteuk at Sukira

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credit: Leeteuk Baidu Bar
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[100606] Singapore Showcase - Leeteuk

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Credit: Rebby @ soompi
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[100606] Singapore Showcase - Group Pictures

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Credit: Jarell Siek
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cr: adela1991@dkpopnews
reupload by: 薄荷 @ 暖色倾城
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[100608] Shindong's Twitter Update

드디어!!!! 건담이 태어났습니다!!!! 올 여름 나와 함께할!! 야후~~ 달려라~~ http://twitpic.com/1uy2bq http://twitpic.com/1uy2do
Finally!!!! A Gundam is born!!!! Will be with me throughout this summer!! Yahoo~~ let's run~~ 

source; @ShinsFriends
translation; @TwELFs

[100608] Shindong Twitpic Update - Microphone

내 직업의 상징.... 어떻하다 내가 이거랑 이렇게 친하게지내는지...내성적인 성격을 변신하게만들어주는 마이크!!!! 가장친한친구내요^^http://yfrog.com/j2d22tj
A symbol of my job .... This is what I have to do with whether my friends know ... and make a turn introverted personality, Mic!! Get the most best friends ^ ^

source; @ShinsFriends
translation; @sarangmin, honeymoney

[100606] Singapore Showcase - Siwon

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Credit: 百度崔始源吧 (tieba.baidu.com/choisiwon)
Photo by :潘朵拉希希
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Credit: 百度崔始源吧 (tieba.baidu.com/choisiwon)
Photo by: 潘朵拉希希
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Credit: xin.msn
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