Monday, June 14, 2010

[100614] Super Junior and f(x) appointed goodwill ambassadors for blood donation

June 14th is World Blood Donor Day and in Korea, a special World Blood Donor Day Ceremony was held at the Sejong Center in Seoul where popular idol groups, Super Junior,f(x) and actress Lee Young Ah graced the occasion.

The ceremony was held to recognize those who were involved with blood donation and official commendations were given to 28 people who have actively donated blood, one of them being Lee Young Ah. Super Junior who was represented by just three members, Ryeowook, Donghae and Leeteuk and all the f(x) members were also appointed goodwill ambassadors at this morning’s ceremony.

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Super Junior Special On Animax For Live Power Music

There will be a Super Junior Special this upcoming Monday, June 14 on Animax’s Live Power Music!
It will be a showcase of Super Junior’s performances including its subgroups such as Super Junior K.R.Y., M, H and T. It will be a one hour full of fun and excitement as we relive Super Junior’s past performances such as You are the One, Twins, Miracle, The One I love, Pajama Party, Sorry Sorry and many more.. The airing time will be 8:00 PM, both in Philippines and Malaysia.

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Increasing tension on the lawsuit case, fans are concerned about Han Geng's future

On 13June,2010, Korea SME sternly responded the case of Hangeng, which many people thinks that the lawsuit as came to an end. SME stated that: Contract of Hangeng has not yet been terminated, he’s still under SME. All the activities of Hangeng had to yet undergo SME’s permission and authorization.

The case of Hangeng’s contract termination had caused a big chaos in the entertainment industry. Ever since the commotion settled a bit, Hangeng’s whereabouts has always been secret. After making a quick appearance in America, there had been rumors saying that he is leaving the group and planning to establish a dancing studio with Jay Chou. Moreover, fans had been debating over Hangeng’s case, spreading the news of the unfair treatments provided by SME to Geng, as well as analyzing the future routes of Hangeng, stating that the fans will support him forever.

The response given out by SME today was very stern, stating that Hangeng isn’t freed yet. Undoubtedly, this will be like throwing a heavy bomb to the contract incident, pulling Hangeng, who has been facing lots of uncertainties, back to the whirlpool of chaos. However, Hangeng does not agree with his company, saying that “it’s usual to see K-pop entertainers terminating contract with their companies, if it’s for those who plan to work on his own, it’s really okay.

Stakeholders said that, under the current situation, Hangeng has been secretly working for his new album as well as the arrangements of his performance, and will have a new start in this July. Besides that, Hangeng will be entering the filming industry, and will be appearing on the silver screen soon.

From these, we can see why SME is that concern over Geng’s case, having two different opinions from each side, Hangeng decides to put away the lawsuit case behind, and putting all his effort into his own career. It seems that to exchange his freedom, Hangeng will need to walk the long and arduous journey in front of him.

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[100613] Heechul & Jokwon, double flightiness has saved 'FO2'

SBS 'Family Outing 2' (aka FO2) which was broadcasted on the 13th in the afternoon had an episode where Heechul and Jokwon had a talent show which no one would be able to follow. Their youthfulness has grabbed the attention of the family. 

For the grandmothers 100th birthday, for Heechuls talent show, he put make up on for a mustache and he sang Kim Heung Gooks 'Swallowtail'. He also sang to Kim Heung Gooks 'Challenge', 'Cyber Lover', etc... and has upgraded the fever, also night next to him, there was Jokwon who has danced to his speciality 'Kkap Dance (Ssanti)' and made the whole family burst into laughter.

Following that, Jokwon sung to Lee Jung Hyuns 'Wa' and took over the stage. This time, Heechul has put up his hair like Lee Jung Hyun and was comic dancing next to Jokwon which gave more laughter.

These 2 people don't save their bodies and were called 'Double Flightiness' which gave huge laughter and amusement to the family.

The netizens said "No one can follow Heechul and Jokowons entertainment skills", "Both of them are so funny. If they are together it is not a joke", "I was grabbing onto my tummy whilst laughing. They definitely are the nations Entertainment idols" etc... and were watching with a lot of amusement. 

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Han Geng’s Album Name

The name of his new album is…涅盘庚新, the English name is Nirvana Renew.
For those who don’t know, “涅盘” or Nirvana is a Buddhism term, it means being free from suffering, it also means the perfect peace of the state of mind.
If you’ve noticed “庚” Geng is the same “庚” in Han Geng’s name.
“新” means new.
Below are caps from ths show

Besides, Hankyung's friend also updated his Weibo about his feeling after chatting with Hankyung:

Dazuo’s Weibo: 今天和韩庚聊完有两大感受:

Trans: After chatting with Hankyung today, I realized two things: 
1. When people do the most unexpected things, they always have their own reasons;
2. Hankyung fans that have suffered for the first part will be relieved, and they will be unbelievably happy.

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[100613] Yesung has a Knack for Table Soccer

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[100613][FULL] Dream Team Season 2 with Super Junior

Part 1;

Part 2;

Part 3;

Part 4;

Part 5;

Part 6;

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[100613] Super Junior Watching South Korea vs Greece

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[100613] Super Junior at Gag Concert

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[100613] Donghae, Eunhyuk Twitter Update

인기가요 은시해 잠들다 ㅎㅎㅎ
Sleeping Inkigayo EunSiHae  ㅎㅎㅎ

2010 잠들수 없는 공포가 찾아온다 !! 상 쾌 해 요 !!! Coming Soon
2010 brings fear no longer afford to sleep!! Pleasant Year Award!!! Coming Soon

Eunhyuk; 소파하나활용해서 잠자기.우리는 은시해.
By utilizing a sleep sofa. We are EunSiHae.

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[100613] MC cut with special MCs on Inkigayo - Leeteuk, Shindong,Sulli

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[100613] Super Junior, won 'Mutizen Song' 3 weeks in a row

Super Junior on the afternoon of the 13th have won the 1st place on for Mutizen Song in SBS 'Inkigayo'

On this day, SS501 'Love Ya', Wonder Girls '2 Different Tears', CN Blue 'Love', Seo In Young 'Written As Love, Sung As Pain', MBLAQ 'Y', 4Minute 'Huh' etc... have been performed.

Super Junior has sent their thoughts 'Thankful for receiving much love. Just like the moment when South Korea won 2-0 against Greece" 

In the other hand, in this broadcast Wonder Girls, Super Junior, SS501, CN Blue, MBLAQ< 4Minute, Lee Suk Hoon, SISTAR, SeeYa&T-ara, Seo Young Eun, Secret etc have participated.

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