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Zhou Mi hosted his first show that will be broadcast in Malaysia, Singapore etc

Zhou Mi’s SINA Update


English Translations:
Big V~ The few days of filming has ended, firstly have to thank the Honeys who came down to visit @ filming, prepared many stuffs, (are) so caring ^^ The new part in “Korean Impression” that I hosted will be out to see everyone officially on the 19th of June. Besides (it) being broadcast in 艺术人文* channel, it will be also broadcasted this August on TVB8 and 旅游卫视*. The director says that during this period of time, the channels in Malaysia, Singapore etc will also broadcast (the show), (i am) so nervous… Welcome everyone to watch it~ MC-Zhou will continue to jiayou**!

T/N: * 艺术人文 & 旅游卫视: Channels’ names. Since Im not sure the correct name in English, its better to leave it as it is ^^ 
** jiayou: Hwaiting/ work hard in chinese ^^

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China fans spent 170 million won to buy Super Junior's album

Fans of the Korean group Super Junior have spent almost 170 million won altogether(about 480,000 ringgit) to buy their idol's albums. They then posted the receipts of their purchases online, causing a heated discussion among Korean netizens.

According to Korea's newspaper "Korea Daily* ", a Chinese fan posted pictures of the receipts online as "evidence", showing the huge number of albums they have bought. The record of the receipts showed 8100 copies of version A were sold on 13th May and 5100 copies of version B of the 4th album were sold on 20th May. The total cost of version A and B was 101,250,000 won and 66,250,000 won respectively. In total, 170++ million won was spent on purchasing their idol's albums.

Regarding Chinese fan's lavishness, Korean Netizens have shown great reaction, some saying "the power of a big country(China) is sure different" and "China fans are so great", "very cool indeed" etc. Some Korean fans also say "The passion of Chinese fans is really great, but it seems like the concert tickets in China are very expensive, Korea is still the best."

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[100611] Eunhyuk's Twitter Update 드디어 월드컵이구나....난 열두번째 태극전사!!!! 으하하하하
Finally the World Cup is here.... I am the 12th South Korea warrior!!!! Euhahahaha

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[100611] Super Junior Rehersal at KBS2 Music Bank - Leeteuk, Heechul, Sungmin

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[100611] Photobook pamphlet to be released specially for KRY concert

A photobook pamphlet with photos taken just for the SUPER JUNIOR K.R.Y Special Concert in Japan is now available for preorder.

Order dates are as follows:
From convenience stores - June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 24th 2010 / 5pm
By credit card - June 11th 2010 / 2pm ~ June 30th 2010 / 5pm

A4 size, 32 pages (28 pages + 4 cover pages)
Price: 2500 yen
Delivery charge throughout Japan: 840 yen

Please take note - this photobook will NOT be sold at the concert venue. You do not need to have concert tickets / go to the concert in order to buy this photobook. HOWEVER, they are only shipping within Japan so you need a Japanese address if you want to get it mailed to you by post. 

For those going to the concert, you can pick up the photobook pamphlet at the concert venue itself on the day of the concert. For those choosing to get it by mail, they are sending out the books on AUGUST 2ND.

Order it over here:

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[100611] Sukira Update - Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Donghae

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[100611] Super Junior - 2010 New Kyochon Chicken CF (Behind The Scene)

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[100611] Super Junior's Message at Showboat

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[100611] Super Junior at Music Bank

in waiting room;


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[100611] Kyuhyun's Cyworld Sidebar Update


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[100611]Hangeng talking about the lawsuit: Stepping out of the misery, handing the case to the lawyer

On 11/6 it was reported that Hangeng, who has left Super Junior and is now working on his own, showed up for the 1st time in Beijing to talk about the termination of his contract, and has also revealed his new work plans. "In Korea, artistes terminating their contracts are very common, if that artiste is a solo artiste, the termination just needs to go through he necessary procedures to complete, but it is more sensitive if that artiste is in a group, as he/she not only needs to face the company, but also the fans and members who make up the group who have been together for many years," Hangeng says. He adds, no matter how painful the process is, at least now his worries are gone, as for the court case, he has already given it completely to his lawyer to handle. Now work is his top priority.

Hangeng has revealed that while working with music, he also wants to enter the big screen*, "I have always been interested in acting, my dream is to act with my idol Jackie Chan in shooting a martial arts film, it has always been my wish(!) If I can act in a movie, I hope to change my image and act as an unusual character, even if I have to shave my head bald or act as an ugly person."

Hangeng says that now the most important thing is to promote the Asian Games, he hopes that through the song《亚运有我精彩之吉》**, he can get the people of China to pay more attention to the Asian Games. 

*Literal translation, most probably meaning "to start acting"
**Name of the song he sang for the Asian Games

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[100609] Sukira Live Broadcast

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