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[100509] [Videos] Family Outing with Heechul

credit; UnknownCarrot300 @ yt

[100507] Yesung's Cyworld Sidebar Update

Beauty ..

Original source: Yesung's CY
translated by LaCrymaMosa @ sj-world

let us start again, shall we??

[100509] Sungmin's Twitter Update with Photo

간만에 데이트하러 나왔다!!려욱이와 종석이형 은혁이와 정자동에서 커피한잔 하고있다..날씨도 좋고..하~근데 여자가 없다..

Finally we're out for a date!! Having a cup of coffee at Jung Jadong with Ryeowook, Jongsuk-hyung, and Eunhyuk..The weather is good..Ha~But there's no girl..

source; @myblacksmile
translation; TwELFs

[100509] Heechul, Yoona, Tiffany, Jo Kown, Junho - Morning Exercises (FO2)

Heechul does made me laugh so hard!

credit; UnknownCarrot300 @ yt

Donghae's UFO Replied

ELF: Oppa,I’ve bought a canvas shoe and it was a defect,the brand even fell off..
Donghae: Really,where did you buy it?go return it hand in hand with oppa

ELF: Oppa,because the mosquitoes can’t sleep properly,help me teach them a lesson
Donghae: Tell me the mosquito’s name and address,I’ll go teach them a lesson

ELF: Lee Hyukjae is mine!
Donghae: He is obviously mine

ELF: I’m sorry because I love you
Donghae: I’m sorry because I love you more

ELF: (you) always makes us touched
Donghae: E.L.F,who always provide us with your love and care*

ELF: Is SJ-M returning to Korea?We can see oppas again?Ah,I’m going to cry
Donghae: Don’t cry,if you cry,I’m going to give you a bobo** (kiss)

ELF: Oppa!Eunhae is the most recognized couple~
Donghae: I’ve already broke up with Eunhyuk

ELF: Loving SJ,the love which cannot be expressed in a thousand words.However,this love has became the biggest miracle of my life
Donghae: If you don’t work hard,you will never have any miracles,but we’re going to be the SJ which works even harder!

ELF: I know what you did last careful of the roads at night!
Donghae: I’m so scared…I didn’t do any crime!

ELF: Did Oppa watch “Boys over flowers”?Isn’t F4 so handsomeT_T?
Donghae: I’m also very handsome!I’m Boys over Donghae~~~

Source;Donghae’s baidu (Thank you Sapphyblue!)
1st UFO reply translated by
Rest of the UFO replies translated by ♥유진

[100509] Super Junior Heechul's Message to ELF with Translation

now it's Heechul's time.

Hello everyone, I am Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. 
We, Super Junior is starting our 4jib in this warm Spring season. 
Met with everyone last year through Sorry Sorry, and it still feels new. 
Ya~ Has already been so long, now we are preparing our 4jib and is going to meet everyone soon. 
I am curious what song will everyone like, of course, should be the title song right? keke.
 Everyone please support our new song! (Shindong: Bonamana) Za~ Just like this, thank you everyone, Kim Heechul will work hard. Everyone, byebye~ (Shindong and Heechul: I love you, Kim Heechul. Milky Skin, Kim Heechul)

isn't this message supposed to be 'Heechul's Voice Message ft Shindong'?? lol^^

who's gonna be next tomorrow?? *curious*

credit: SM official website + blueprincez4 @ YT
chinese tran: echo from ELF CITY 妖精之城
english tran: minoko2440 @

[100509] Donghae's Message In Eunhyuk's Cyworld

'Our beloved Eun!!~~^^ During 4jib still wants to be with you like always!! ^^ I Love You Man!! kekeke (Your love… Lee Donghae)'

EUNHAE Couple <33

Credit: Eunhyuk’s Cyworld + 宝蓝圣殿
Chinese Translation: ahuan
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Reup/Shared/Caps: minoko2440 @

Star Concert 2010

Date : 2010/06/12
location : Jeonju stadium
Super Junior, SHINee, CNBlue,2AM

Credit : Blue★
Shared by : CassELFs

'Mi-in-ah' Time Release, COMFIRMED!

It has been comfirmed by Sungmin on his tweet on May 9th 2010.

rough trans;
'Tomorrow May 10th at 10am.... BeautyBig Release! Please look forward to it ~'

it's 10AM KST. 9AM in Malaysia and Philippines. idk for other countries.

source; @myblacksmile

[100509] Donghae's Tweet Made Twitter Craze

once again.
Trending Topic on Twitter goes crazy after Donghae post a new photo taken.

(he typed in english) 'Hi ! ELF We are Eun & Hae'

Worldwide Trending Topics;

*the highest one was 'Bonamana' at 3rd place*

it looks like Donghae knew what ELF wants. lol^^

source; @donghae861015

Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate - Heechul Cut

credit: twelfstube @ yt

[100507] Siwon at Oh! My Lady Filming Musical Scene

credit; HAPPYTALK –
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[100508] Kyuhyun's UFO Town Message on Parents Day


(The song he started singing was a Teachers’ Day song)
Ah? Not this song? Today is Parents’ Day and to us, it is the day dedicated to the most important people in our lives – our parents! Has everyone prepared letters of appreciations and a pretty carnation for their parents? We should not only respect, love and obey our parents for just this one day in a year but doing it every day, every moment is not as easy as we think. I hope everyone will love their parents more and more the older they grow, and I am sure everyone else hopes so too.
I am touched as I talk about myself~~ Although I, Kyuhyun, am already a renowned filial child, I should continue working hard so that Kyuhyun will instantly appear in everyone’s minds whenever “a filial child” is mentioned!!
Everyone, let’s work hard together~

in Korea, 7th May is the Parent's Day

@youtube : princekyu
translated by sohyz, subbed by nickestiara

Wonder Girls’ '2 Different Tears', First Teaser Revealed!

The first teaser came out on Wonder Girls World as a picture of new member, HyeRim (Lim), holding a retro TV with an image of herself. In the meantime, the same picture was revealed at Wonder Girls’ official Korean site but this time with a video teaser where you can hear what could be part of the chorus, Sunye’s beautiful voice and Yubin rapping to the lyrics, “…for the love you gave me”.
Yubin’s teaser will be next, followed by Sunye, YeEun and Sohee will be last.

Source: Wonder Girls World,,
Shared; dkpopnews

[100508] Super Junior Siwon's Message to ELF with Translation

Hi everyone! Today is Super Junior Choi Siwon's greeting. I don't know what to say.
This time there's no merchandise, but we have come back with our 4th album as present for everyone.
The 4th album that we really put in many effort in, it's really not joking.
You wouldn't feel bored/vexed listening to the album the whole day.
Right now, I'm working hard in preparing for Super Junior's 4th album first comeback performance,

also in the filming of Oh! My Lady drama.
Everyone will see a handsome king.
Really looking forward for the fanmeeting with our everlasting friend, ELF.
ELFs, I love you all.

Source: SM Town
Credit: 饺子@ Choi Siwon Baidu Bar
Translated by: abrenda @ SJ-WORLD.NET
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