Thursday, June 3, 2010

[100603] Zhou Mi with Yesung's Parents

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[100603] Leeteuk's Twitter Update

드림팀촬영날 많은엘프들!!!최고라니까!!!
there're a lot of ELFs at the Dream Team shooting! also, are the best!

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[100603] Donghae's Twitpic Update

부산 싸인회중 ㅎㅎ
At Busan, signing congregation

부산 끝^^ 감사해요 엘프 .... 엘프 짱짱!!
Lastly, Busan's ELF.. ELF jjang jjang!!

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rough translation; honeymoney, @sarangmin

When SHINee's Minho Get On EunHae's Way

Minho : Hyung, I missed you. Can you give me a hug?

Donghae : Sure.

Minho : Hyung, can I hug you one more time?

Ooops Eunhyuk saw it!

Minho : Hyung, don’t cry. I won’t steal Donghae hyung from you. *I actually am trying wahaha*

Eunhyuk : I forgive you. Don’t do it again, okay?

Minho : I promise hyung, so don’t cry anymore.

Okay let’s all dance to Miinah!!!


[100603] Heechul Expresses Interests for Sohee Once Again

Kim HeeChul has once again expressed interests for WonderGirls SoHee.

Kim HeeChul was on MBC FM4U ’2pm Date with Park MyungSoo’ when he was asked, “Is there anyone whom you are interested in?”. His answer was, “I don’t like it that when people are asked such a question they answer that they like everyone. I like being honest. I like female singers like 4Minute, Secret and After School – those who have the cutesy image lately. Awhile ago, WonderGirls returned to Korea and I saw SoHee. She is really someone whose cuteness is just overwhelming. Usually I’m someone who is alright with most females, but SoHee is just really cute.”

Already before this, Kim HeeChul had expressed his interests for SoHee on different variety shows like SBS Family Outing and MBC Come To Play.

Netizens’ comments are “SoHeeChul is just compatible. It’s good if they date”, “He really only like her as a fan?”, “It seems that he really likes her. Cute” etc.

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[100603] Twitter's Trending Topic - #getwellsoonkyuhyun

As for anyone that still don't know, Kyuhyun just having an operation today because of inflammation in his middle ear. And the good news, the operation went well. He is resting at the hospital for 3 to 4 days and excluded from the mean time activities including the stage performances and the Super Junior Showcase at Singapore on this Sunday.

[100603] Heechul's Twitter Update-gif 가슴이 차가운 남자 김희철.. 갖다버려야 한다는 걸 깨닫게 해준 놀러와였다
the cold hearted man, Kim Heechul.. And made me realize I had to throw it away
Kim Heechul

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[100603] Heechul and Siwon's Twitpic Update - June 3rd Photoshoot

Heechul; 화보 찍는 중~ 싱글즈 7월호 아 굿~ㅋ 시원이 기다리는 중임ㅋㅋ
Taking photoshoots right now~ Singles July edition, Ah good~ㅋ waiting for Siwonㅋㅋ

translation; @TwELFs 오랜만에 시원이랑 둘이 화보~ 둘이 가장 상반되는 이미지라 컨셉도 죽임ㅋㅋ Cat & Horse

취조 컨셉ㅋㅋ 이 사진들은 정말 빙산의 일각일뿐이다 ㅋㅋ

Singles featured in Singles :(

source; @Heedictator, @siwon407

[Eng Sub][100531] Donghae and Sunye Cut

credit; wonder2oneday @ yt

[100506] Heechul's Fansite Entry

Title: It's Raining
Posted 100506

A few days ago I washed my car.. Damn..
I guess this will polish it a bit

Donghae is washing up

Ah we are going to come back soon..
But what kind of results will there beㅠㅠ 
It seems [we] have to do well.. Hm....

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DJ Kim HeeChul Shows Some Dignity Amongst the Tall C.N Blue Members!

Super Junior Kim HeeChul displays some ‘sense’ amongst the tall members from C.N Blue.

Photos of DJ Kim HeeChul and guest appearances C.N Blue on HeeChul’s radio show SBS Kim HeeChul’s Young Street were posted on the show’s official site on 2nd June.

In the photos, Kim HeeChul was seen sitting on a chair and giving a haughty expression in between the C.N Blue members. An official of ‘Young Street’ wrote, “Tall-body blue, winner blue, well-figured blue. Amongst the C.N Blue members with great figures, our Hee DJ has chosen to sit on the chair.”

Netizens’ comments to the photos are, “Kim HeeChul after all. Not beaten even amongst the tall people”, “His haughty expressions cracked me up” etc.

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[100603] Shimshimtapa's Official Update

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Yesung to sing 'It Has To Be You' Cinderella's Sister OST on Music Bank

Fans of Super Junior’s Yesung can rejoice now as it was revealed that he would be having a solo stage on the June 4th episode of Music Bank.
Besides performing BONAMANA with Super Junior, Yesung will be singing It Has To Be You by himself, which is the main OST song for popular KBS2TV drama, Cinderella’s Sister.
The song had received really good reviews from everyone and Yesung has also got a lot of praise for his soothing voice. The song in fact was so popular that it ranked highly in Music Bank’s K-Chart at one time despite not promoting it.
With Cinderella’s Sister ending on June 3rd, it would be a satisfying bonus to see Yesung perform the song live on stage tomorrow.

You also can check here where Leeteuk talks about Yesung going to perform at Dream Team Season 2 Filming Venue

Music Bank will be aired at 6.30pm KST. Schedule has been changed again.

[100602] HappyTalk Splashpage Update - Siwon

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SingTel and Samsung presents Super Junior Showcase in Singapore

As most of us know, SingTel and Samsung will held Super Junior showcase on 6 June 2010 (Saturday) at 7.30 pm. The showcase will be attended exclusively for the first 800 costumers who purchased Samsung GalaxyS online.

SingTel is Asia's leading commuications group with operation and investment around the world. With significant operations in Singapore and Australia (through wholly-owned subsidiary SingTel Optus), and major investment in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, and it's regional partners, SingTel is Asia's largest multi-market mobile operator. They are serving more than 293 million customers in eight markets.
SingTel is partnership with Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd. As a global leader in semiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies, they are recognized as one of the fastest growing global brands.

As Samsung's collaboration, SingTel will be the first one in the world to introduceSamsung GalaxyS in Singapore, followed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Optus, and regional associates, AISGlobe, and Telkomsel. SingTel costumers will be the first one to get their hands on the phone and can start buying it online from from 27 May 2010 and can be found at all SingTel retail stores or SingTel Exclusive Retailers from 4 June.
Wouldn't it be a nice thing to have the newly released phone earlier than others?

There will be some new features for Samsung GalaxyS smartphone such as :
  1. Android 2.1 as it's operation system
  2. Multi Tasking Capabilities
  3. Bluetooth functionalities
  4. 1GHz processor and HD video play, record functions to record, edit, and play HD video.
  5. 4 inch SUPER AMOLED brilliant screen for ultra-brilliant, and clear images
  6. mDNIe (mobile Digital Natural Image engine) - the same technology used in Samsung best selling LCD and LED TVs
  7. MobileTV feature where we can watch our favorite TV shows everywhere we are. Members of the public can view and post videos of Super Junior's performance on their Samsung GalaxyS MobileTV
  8. AMPed portals offers unlimited music downloads.
Interesting, isn't it?

Looking for price plan for your gadget? Look no more, because SingTel offers us 3 different plans. We can choose according what we need. The 3 different plans are :
  1. Galaxy 3G Flexi Lite Plan (S$39 monthly, 100 mins FREE local outgoing calls)
  2. Galaxy 3G Flexi Plan (S$56 monthly, 200 mins FREE local outgoing calls)
  3. Galaxy 3G Flexi Plus Plan (S$95 monthly, 500 mins FREE local outgoing calls)
All of those plans above will include :
  1. FREE incoming calls
  2. Extra 200 mins FREE talktime *
  3. FREE 24 months MobileTV viewing on your GalaxyS
  4. FREE 12GB local data usage
  5. Unlimited song downloads with no data charges from AMPed Music Store.
Interesting right?
So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now.

* Applicable only when calling to SingTel and SingTel Mobile numbers

More info of SingTel and Samsung, visit :