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K-pop boyband Super Junior conquers Singapore

SINGAPORE : Some 1,600 lucky fans of the hugely popular Korean boyband Super Junior (SuJu) got to meet their favourite idols at a private music showcase at the Marina Bay Sands convention centre in Singapore on Sunday. 

Lines were snaking in the early morning hours as fans – predominantly female - came armed with giant posters and banners, while others donned SuJu-themed T-shirts in show of support. 

Now, you might think this showcase is a girl’s thing, but guys, it was totally fun. 

The K-pop group - short of members Kangin, Kyuhyun and Kibum - had no trouble wowing fans with their stylish choreographed-based songs. 

Sporting a mod look in their all-black outfits, the nine SuJu members opened the show with the titular track of their latest album “Bonamana”, a punchy dance number infused with bouncy African rhythms and club house beats. 

With all that high-power dancing and shuffling around the triangular stage, you would not have guessed that these guys had just touched down at Changi Airport barely six hours prior to the showcase. 

Following the opener, SuJu member Yesung impressed with a ballad solo “It Has To Be You”, while members of sub-group Super Junior-T roused the crowd again with the trot-inspired “Rokkugo”. 

Apart from the song and dance, June baby Ryeowook also celebrated his birthday in advance with fans, who showered him with a cake topped with a piano figurine, and a Korean birthday song. Touched by the gesture, the soft-spoken 22-year-old wished for a concert in Singapore for the fans in return. 

After the birthday interlude, the mirthful mood amongst members persisted as they teased the frenzied crowd with a playful number “Pajama Party”. The always gallant Siwon grasped a camcorder onstage – in the midst of the song - to help a crew capture his mates and himself in action. 

But no SuJu repertoire can be complete without “Sorry Sorry” – the song that almost single-handedly propelled them to super-stardom and cemented the group’s iconic status across Asia. Driving the crowd crazy with the infectious melody and finely honed dance moves, SuJu members closed the 40-minute showcase on a climatic note. 

It seems fans weren’t the only ones charmed by the group. Host Belinda Lee proclaimed herself a SuJu fan at the gig, after confessing flushingly that she too has fallen under the spell of charismatic leader Lee Teuk. 

Aside from singing, members including Heechul, Siwon and Shindong have also established firm footholds in the acting and hosting arenas. And they are game to do more. 

"We are not afraid or scared to do anything on variety shows. We’ve done too much actually… including outrageous things such as cross-dressing," said Lee Teuk during a press conference earlier. 

The good-humoured group mused out loud that they are toying with the idea of splashing their mates with water while they are asleep and film their reactions for variety show. 

All in all, SuJu put out a fantastic showcase - albeit a short one - with outstanding showmanship. And they sound as good as they look. Even for fans who had paid highly inflated prices for the tickets on eBay, it was worth it. - CNA

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"I'm a grandmother?" Yoona punishes Heechul for his outburst

SNSD's Yoona was outraged at Kim Heechul's grandmother outburst.

In June 6th's episode of SBS's "Family Outing 2", Yoona was humiliated by not being chosen during the first decision during the on-the-spot pairing with the Wonder Girls.

Yoona believed that she would be chosen by Taecyeon, but Taecyeon chose Wonder Girls' Yubin unexpectedly. When Yoona could not hide her disappointment, Super Junior's Kim Heechul teased, "Yoona is Korea's most beautiful grandmother."

Yoona's expression changed and pretended to do a knee kick towards Kim Heechul and made everyone laugh.

In addition, seeing Yoona's no make-up face before bedtime, Kim Heechul complimented, "I've never seen anyone more beautiful than Yoona when they have no make-up on," then added, "It's just that she looks like a grandmother with make-up on," and embarrassed Yoona again.

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[100607] Siwon Twitpic Update

We are Third Wave! With Pastor Johnny :) hahaha!

Talking about ONETHING! Spiritual time With Uncle Charlie ;) !

I pray young christians of this Generation won't be discouraged! God Bless, Walk with God ♥

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Super Junior takes 3rd win on TV music program

Korean male idols Super Junior continued their reign atop a televised music program over the weekend. 

The group collected their third consecutive win on KBS' music show "Music Bank" with their title track "BONAMANA" from their fourth studio release of the same name, up against "2 Different Tears" by the Wonder Girls. 

The boy band thanked their agency SM Entertainment in their acceptance speech while for their encore performance, they changed the word "BONAMANA" in their song to "Kyuhyun" who had been unable to perform on the show due to undergoing surgery for a middle-ear infection last week. 

Other performances on the show included those by Monday Kiz, SS501, 8eight, and T.MAX. 

The boys have been enjoying a successful comeback with their new album "BONAMANA" released on May 13 and are currently preparing for their third Asia Tour "SUPER SHOW 3" which will begin in mid-August. 

Meanwhile, a special documentary featuring the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Korea aired instead of SBS' weekend program "Inkigayo" to commemorate the country's Memorial Day.
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