Wednesday, May 12, 2010

[100512] Donghae's Message on Eunhyuk's Cyworld

Our beloved Eun!!~~^^ During 4th album still wants to be with you like always!! ^^ I Love You Man!! kekeke (Your love… Lee Donghae)

Source: Eunhyuk’s Cyworld

Chinese Translation: ahuan

English Translation: minoko2440 @
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[100512] SUKIRA Cut - Donghae's Muscle

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[100512] Ryeowook's Message to ELF

Hello everyone, today its Super Junior’s Ryeowook here to greet everyone. 
Our Super Junior’s new album, the 4th album is coming out soon. 
Woah~ It is really an album that we spent alot of serious effort to prepare, hope to receive many love from everyone. 
There isn’t much time left until our comeback stage, and in order to show you a better stage, our members are practising the dance with all our hearts, and hope that everyone can continue to await our comeback stage. 
 And also our forever friends, E.L.F., we still have fanmeeting, hope that you all will take part actively, let’s enjoy (play together) it happily. 
Super Junior will comeback soon this May and hope that everyone will come and attend our activities and also show us tons of support. 
Must take care of your health, don't catch a cold. 
i love all of you, I’m Ryeowook.

Credit: blueprincez4@ Youtube
Chinese translation: 炯炯厉旭@金丽旭吧
English translation: minoko2440 @

KBS Music Bank Live Air Time Change

 [LIVE Music Bank] Starting from next week(May 14th Friday), 'LIVE' Music Bank schedule moves to 17:50 (UTC+9, Seoul Time).

which means 5.50pm KST, 4.50pm Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong and Philippines.


Bonamana Album Cover Ver. A

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Teukigayo - Shindong has Chocolate Abs??

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MBLAQ G.O Avoided Heechul

MBLAQ G.O reveals why he had avoided Super Junior Kim HeeChul.
They were on SBS Strong Heart aired on 11th May when G.O said, “I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys so I avoided him.” this comment had those at the filming shocked.
Kim HeeChul also revealed that he has a thing for guys with moustache, “When the rumours that I like guys went out, I had to meet Mithra Jin in secrecy. Since I don’t have moustache, I have a longing for it. With that meaning, I like G.O.”
He added, “I got phone number of G.O, and I tried to contact him before. But his responses would always be ‘I’m having meal with Rain’ and he refused to meet up with me. In the end, we only got to meet each other for the first time today.”

G.O then said, “Honestly, instead of saying that I’m having meal with Rain, I thought Kim HeeChul likes guys.” confessing about the misunderstanding.
Kim HeeChul also spoke up clearly about rumours of him being a gay, “I’m an idol, this kind of rumours will not do. I really like girls!.”
Lee Teuk also commented, “As the team leader, I can guarantee that.” causing laughter during the filming.

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Super Junior 미인아 (BONAMANA) MV Released!

i'm screaming too much! lol^^

credit; sment @ yt

[100512] Donghae’s Message on Eeteuk Cyworld

Donghae's Message on Eeteuk's Cyworld

Did our Teukie hyung cry??!!^^ We are forever (,) only if there is hyung… I love you (Mokpo Jerk Lee Donghae)

Donghae’s Title Update:

Teukie Hyung…Forever…Together…13
credit; Donghae's Cyworld and Eeteuk's Cyworld
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lovely and caring brothers :')

[100511] Sukira - Comments on Mi-in-ah with Eng Sub

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Super Junior New Teaser Photo

credit; osen

'Mi-in-ah' MV Time Release

[SPN yangseungjun Bloomberg reporters] are not bothered by the popularity of the group Super Junior. Super Junior's debut comes 13 days the new  album  'Bonamana' before the album release seonjumunman chapter about 200,000 are getting them interested in history, and hot.

12 days Super Junior's management, SM Entertainment, according to officials 'Miinah' online  
music Sales  64,800 chapters in the site, and offline music  stores and record the Order Chapter 133 685, has secured a total of 198,485 Order chapter. The mid-2000s, the recession period jeopeodeulmyeo music albums  sold  10-million 'so-called' Big 'Given the realities of the standard of about 20 million copies of the Order of Super Junior is not easy.

Super Junior last year, three House Sorry, sorry, sorry 'to the 25 million record sales over the same year he recorded a best-selling artist of  
artist of the Golden Disc Awards  Award is a bar. And with this album, Super Junior 2 consecutive years 'eumbanking' if I can rise to the  music fans' attention is the ssolrigo.

Meanwhile, the Super Junior title song of the day 11:00 a.m. 4th album 'miinah' music video for up and coming open blitz 14 days KBS 2TV 'Music Bank' comeback over  
the stage have.

Source; spn.edaily
translation; goole translation

The Music Video will be released at 11am KST.

[100511] Strong Heart - Eeteuk & Heechul Cried

basically they were talking about Heechul's withdrawal rumor.

eeteuk does makes me cry. T__T

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