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Super Junior Scheduled to appear on Dream Team

Super Junior is gonna be on Dream Team!!
They are scheduled to film the episode on June 2nd.
The People scheduled to appear are as follows: Minho(SHINee), Junho(2PM), Eunhyuk(Super Junior), Lee Sangin, Lee Byungjin and Super Junior.
Eunhyuk will play against Super Junior as a member of Dream Team.

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what will it turned out when eunhyuk against the other members?? should be funny and ridiculous. ^^

Style Apple Shoe Endorsement with Shindong

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[100523] Whole Fan Report of the ELF 2nd Fanmeeting [un-biased report]


나쁜 여자 (Boom boom)
미인아 (Bonamana)
Talk and thanks with sm supporters (the SM officials helping ELF organisation at events)
Coagulation (KRY)
In my dream (KRY + Ming and Hae)
Heechul solo (ivy - temptation of sonata -- rock version) w/ Ming (guitar) & Ryeo (keyboard)
Showing off personal possession with big memories ? XD
Watching old videos since their debut
Games with 5 fans picked randomly,
Yehsung solo (너 아니면 안돼 / It has to be you) ,
Marry U (Kangin at the end D: )
Talk and tears with Kangin
Dance battle
좋은 사람 (good person)
Hand clap (high five with everyone)

The fanmeeting opened with a video of the boys' MV history. There was Twins, U, Don't Don, Sorry Sorry and Neorago. Then an introduction of the boys like in the Bonamana teaser, with them turning around.

The boys appeared on stage and performed Boom Boom. At the end, Hyukjae went 2pm style on us and tore his shirt to end up completely topless.
Then they went on directly with Bonamana, Hyukjae danced half the song half-naked then he put a jacket on (Jungsoo's style, still showing off his abs).

Then they all introduced themselves, Jungsoo was trying to speak but he was out of breath lol. Once they had all introduced themselves and had done the "we are super junio~r" with ELF following with "we are elf~~", Jungsoo also added "Hello I'm Kibum, hello I'm Hangeng, hello I'm Kangin" while laughing.

Then they brought the two main ELF - SM Supporters on stage. SM Supporters are the girls (and guys) who are coming to events like Music Bank, Music Core, Inkigayo, concerts etc. and help organise the line for fans to get in. They also help the fans with the banners at Dream Concert, etc. So they brought the 2 girls on stage to thank them for their years helping SJ and ELF. They asked them to say a few words but they seemed very shy and confused to be there (seems like they weren't told before xD), then they asked them to sing an SJ song, Sorry Sorry or Bonamana. The fans all started asking for Bonamana, so they tried but didn't make it more than a few words, too embarrassed xD; Then they did a group hug and Ryeowook brought them back backstage. Ryeowook was like, waving at the fans like he was leaving too lol.

After that it was time for KRY to sing Coagulation, then KRY+ Sungmin and Donghae sang 'In My Dream' (at first Donghae's mic wasn't working, so his first verse was soundless T.T). After that they explained that Kyuhyun wasn't well those days and that's why he had trouble singing ):

Then the concert hall becomes all dark and Sungmin appears from the rising platform in the middle of the stage with a electric guitar and does a (omg great D: <3) solo, then Ryeowook arrived to play the keyboard and Heechul with a (ugly XD) white and pink outfit (kinda like SuShow2) starts singing a rock version of Temptation of Sonata (originally by Ivy). At one point Heechul goes to SungMin and does his usual fan service thing (no kiss though) then he goes to Ryeowook who gets kind of scared and moves back xD That made both of them laugh and Heechul ends up laughing so much that he misses a couple of lines xDDDD

After that is the "personal object with lots of memories" tunalk. All the members come on stage, there's a table in the middle with lots of different random objects and Jungsoo is MCing. He asks ELF who each object belongs to.
First there's a pink motorbike helmet. Obviously it's Sungmin's.
Then there's a pillow with Hyukjae pictures on it. When Jungsoo asks, fans say it's Donghae's XD but no, it's Hyukjae's!! lol (not everything is about EunHae rofl). Then there's an (undone) rubicks cube, belonging to Shindong! (he will then proceed do it in just a few minutes ><). Then there's a mixed CD by a fan in Japanese that belongs to Yehsung, who explains it's a present from a Japanese fan he got around the time they debuted. Next is a picture of ELF pearl sapphire blue lightsticks at Super Show. It belongs to Donghae (fans guessed easily). Then there's ELF first generation fancard owned by Jungsoo. Then there's a clarinet! It belongs to Kyuhyun of course, and the members ask him to play a bit. He asks to do it at the end of the objects presentation, and for the rest of it he was practicing in the back XD super cute.
The next objects were an S.E.S. CD (4th album) and an S.E.S. Fanclub member card XD Of course it was Ryeowook's. There was also the... (FREAKING HUGE) metallic rod (?) that used to be in Heechul's leg (he showed it on radio some time ago too). Omg it's so big it's scary. And finally there was Siwon's diary/planner. He said it was not interesting, Jungsoo managed to open to a page and started reading xD (lol when I saw the book at first I thought it was going to be a Bible -_-) It was really serious/sincere (But I didn't get it, so I can't really describe that part >< but they made good fun of him lol)
So then after that they looked at Kyuhyun still practicing in the back and asked him to play xD They put the mic at the bottom of the instrument, and the first time he sound came out XD fail.
He tried again and he could make a few notes but then suddenly a weird sound came out. Kyuhyun had such a cute expression xD I hope I can describe it well lol. He was like eyes widening and moving back a step from the clarinet. with a kind of "that wasn't me" look on his face XD. Then he was asked to try again and.... same thing, he plays a bit and...weird sound after a few notes, and the exact same face OMG WHY SO CUTE.

Then it was time for the speed quiz! They randomly picked 5 fans (by picking their seat number and brought them on stage with them). They all had to be paired with 2 SJ boys by teams, the first one was Japanese so she was automatically paired with Sungmin (he is such a cutie, so shy... he never come by himself to Japanese fans when there's any, it's always the other boys who push him to them D: <3), and her favorite is Siwon so, those 2. Then the other girls are all Korean, one was with Heechul and Kyuhyun, one wass with Donghae and Hyukjae, one was with Jungsoo and Ryeowook, and finally Shindong and Yehsung.
They all had to guess words or expressions that were on the pieces of paper behind them, that they can't see, and all a different way. First as the Japanese girl doesn't speak Korean, she had to guess the words by mimes.... Siwon and Sungmin for example have to mime "Magnae on top" for her XDDD Magnae she got, but on top was just hilarious to mime and she didn't get it xD She got 2 in the end though, including 물고기 (fish) that they got while pointing at Donghae and miming swimming xD
Then Jungsoo and Ryeowook had to make their girl guess words by drawing them. Jungsoo only held the paper board and Ryeowook was drawing XDDD
Donghae and Eunhyuk had to make their fan guess proverbs lol, that was super hard
Heechul and Kyuhyun had to make the girl guess by speaking (original version of the game, kinda), they were really good xD
Finally, Shindong and Yehsung had to make the fan guess by speaking too, I didn't really get the rules for them, sorry ><
At the end, Siwon and Sungmin's team lost, so Donghae and Hyukjae hit them with the plastic hammers rofl xD

Next, we all watched together an old VCR of them since debut. First performance of Twins (Yehsung:"I wasn't even there!!" Reference to the fact that he wasn't filmed at all during that performance lol), winning golden disks, winning first mutizen with U (they point out how Jungsoo is crying all the time... and Hyukjae is so ashamed of himself crying at U mutizen that he falls on his knees, hiding xD Ryeowook pats his back lol) For a long part of the video watching, Siwon had his arm wrapped around Jungsoo's shoulder, and was hugging him a couple of times. Siteuk <3
They watch a few other videos, commenting on themselves and being a bit ashamed of their style sometimes XD Seeing his debut-red hair, Heechul said he would like to go back to that style xD;;;

Next, Yehsung sings his solo from Cinderella's sister OST "너 아니면 안돼" (It Has To Be You). OMG it was AWESOME <3 Ok I have a bias with Yehsung's voice and I'm in love with this song but still... and Yehsung was so happy to sing it <3 He was moving around the stage a bit and making the fans sing, handing the mic to us for the chorus, while smiling widely <3

Then it was time for Marry U... All the boys were standing around the stage, sometimes singing, but mostly not, letting ELF sing for them. Suddenly, I realise there's a 'hole' in the front stage, and little by little a head appears. There were rumors of him coming for the fanmeeting, so I personally knew already it was him, all the ELF became crazy as he appeared, and everyone broke into tears, fans, Youngwoon and all 10 other boys who walked over to him on the front stage.
First everyone was hugging, Youngwoon hugged all 10 of them one by one, fans were incoherent, everyone was yelling different things or just crying. All around me everyone was crying and sobbing, and I was no exception. Youngwoon gained some weight, (or maybe it was also his outfit that wasn't helping at all, so he was about his worst times with SJ or a bit more), he seemed really sad, his first sight at the sapphire blue sea made him look down again and shed tears. Then he started speaking about going to the army, wanting to come back as a better man in 2 years, etc. (check the news about it). For the entire time Heechul was by his side, holding his hand. I felt like this talk lasted very long but in the end maybe it didn't, Youngwoon ended up kneeling down in front of ELF and apologising, Jungsoo made us shout "saranghae Kim Youngwoon, KIM- YOUNG- OON!". ELF then started shouting "we will wait for you" or "don't go" However, after a while they all walked back backstage together.

New VCR for the dance battle, but everyone was still crying all around, and you could feel there was much less strength from ELF AND the boys during the dance. Especially Jungsoo, kept making mistakes and could barely follow the others.

Then Chu VCR and the usual 5 come on stage. Heechul seemed to have no motivation, he was looking down, following the rhythm of the song but not singing and do the bare minimum for the dance. When the song ended, he said sorry.

Then it was time for the last song "Good Person", Heechull didn't even show up on stage for this one, the other boys were running around between ELF Sections or being pushed by the staff on..rolling stuff xD (like in Super Show) around the higher sections. They were touching fan hands etc.

Finally all of them go back on stage and all said their last words of thanks to ELF and everyone, ELF shouted together "Don't cry" when Donghae was speaking. When Jungsoo was done (he went last), fans started shouting for Heechul. Jungsoo hadn't realised he wasn't there and started calling for him, so did some other members. As he wasn't coming out, Sungmin went backstage to get him. Once he had gone, ELF started shouting for Youngwoon's name as well. Sungmin came back with Heechul and Youngwoon, who had changed into a short pair of jeans and a black Nike sweater (he looked less chubby in this one than the previous outfit).
Heechul apologised again for leaving like this, and for making Chu look so sad at Sulli's parts. ELF shouted together "It's ok!". Then they talk a bit again with Youngwoon, but I wasn't listening because I was taking the pictures while trying not to be seen by the security T_T I needed my last picture of Youngwoon...
Everyone was crying again and after saying goodbye, they all left stage together. ELF were shouting "We will wait for 13 members"

After this they announce that SJ will have a special event before we leave the concert hall. We would all get to high five with them. Basically they make a long line of fans one after another, the boys are all standing behind a table with their hands raised and fans pass by quickly, touching their hands. The security was very tight and ready to make this event as short as possible, so they were pushing the fans out if they were staying a second too long with the boys. Sometimes some of them kept their hands raised but looked around, or made faces at the camera, etc.
I was told that after I left, Heechul left to go backstage for a while, he stopped doing the hi fives.

And this is how you do it with SJ heart.gif 

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I was told by my friends (HoneyButter and yehrin) that they stopped the fanmeeting with Marry U for the 7pm fanmeeting. They only did Good person around the beginning and also removed Heechul solo. (so total, they removed heechul solo, dance battle and Chu, plus last ending as marry U talk was the end.) Also for the high five the boys were separated in two tables of 5 so it was going twice faster.

They announced that for the repackage album there will be a song (or more!) composed by the boys!

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EunHae Moments During Fanmeeting

1. During Boom Boom, Eunhyuk  took off his clothes. When it was Bonamana time, he didnt have enough time to wear it back. He danced topless. Then Donghae went over and put Eunhyuk’s clothes over Eunhyuk. And “helped” him to wear. Eunhyuk went one side to wear it then returned back to dancing.

2. During personal Item introduction, Eunhyuk asked if he should give his pillow to the fans. Donghae says “that pillow is mine!”

3. During Donghae’s intro of personal item, he got a picture of sapphireblue sea. He says SJ belongs to ELF. Teuk asked him who does he belong to, Hae said softly (almost whispering) Eunhyuk’s.

4. The 2nd fanmeeting later that afternoon, Siwon’s turn to whack Eunhyuk. He whacked super hard. After whacking, Donghae ran over and hug/wrap his hands around Eunhyuk’s head. Like heartpain. Note: siwon n donghae is a team. Donghae was supposed to punish Eunhyuk’s team.

5. There was one part where Eunhyuk and Donghae were on this thing and the staffs staffs were pushing them from 2 ends towards each other. When they “met”, they naturally hugged!

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Super Junior Interviews (Official - Pictures)

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Super Junior - Victory Korea Music Video Released!

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[100523] [Fancam] 2nd Fanmeeting - Hugs + Kangin's Talk

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[100523] Super Junior's 2nd fanmeeting - Marry U + Kang In talk [Audio]

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Shindong wants to get married this October!

As you may recall, Super Junior’s Shindong proposed in code language to his girlfriend in the “Thanks To” section in Super Junior’s fourth album. It looks like he’d like to get married in the next few months!
The idol revealed more details about this matter during a recent press conference. He said, “I’ve already met with her friends and they know we’re dating. Honestly, I want to get married in October.”
Shindong also talked about how his girlfriend has been avoiding him since the proposal. He said, “Since so many people have been paying attention to this matter, she’s having a hard time.”
I guess she’s a shy girl. Let’s hope she isn’t getting cold feet!


Henry Facebook's Photos Update

at ada's wedding! congrats!

at ada's wedding! congrats!

at ada's wedding! congrats!

at ada's wedding! congrats!


parking lot infornta timmies


parking lot infronta timmies

retards in a parking lot

workin on some songssss... nice picture MARIO

[100523] SJ Twitter Updates



-We met in a long time ^ ^ I'm at the fan meeting had a great time .. I miss .. .. ^ ^ I miss you .. and Kangin-ah

-Why did such a good spring song lyrics ... I love them .. sick .. Whew ...


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2PM and Super Junior Top Televised Music Shows

Korean boy bands 2PM and Super Junior ranked number one on televised music shows over the weekend.
2PM claimed their second consecutive Mutizen award on SBS’ Sunday music program “Inkigayo” with their single “Without U” while giving out the top spot on KBS’ Friday live show “Music Bank” to Super Junior who recently made a comeback with a new song titled “BONAMANA”.
The groups were up against other singers such as Rain, Davichi and Gummy on both shows.
For their performance on Inkigayo, six-man band 2PM was one member short due to their main vocalist Junsu recovering from a knee injury.
They have been enjoying a successful comeback to the local music scene however, with the song from their latest album “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” which has topped cable music channel Mnet’s “M! CountDown” for three weeks straight and “Music Bank” for two weeks in a row.
Super Junior, back with their fourth album “BONAMANA” released May 13, sold over one hundred thousand copies of the new record in just eight days of its release.

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Super Junior is Returning with the Strength of Idols

Super Junior, who are sweeping the charts with their 4th album "Beauty", usually consists of 13 members. However lately 10 have been appearing on stage. The reason lies in the good and bad times they experienced last year. Last year their 3rd album "Sorry Sorry" sold over 250,000 copies, becoming a "Mega Hit", however with Kangin and other members withdrawing from activities, they unintentionally fell into a slump. 

Super Junior came out to talk to the press at a press conference in Apgujeongdong in Seoul on the 20th, excluding Choi Siwon, who was not well due to the rigours of filming his drama "Oh! My Lady". However they couldn't be "sorry sorry" about the reaction to their album. In only ten days since the release of their album, they had already exceeded 200,000 sales, and reached 1st place by a landslide on many music charts.

Leeteuk: "This song and "Sorry Sorry" have a similar story. We too felt that it was similar at first. We think that songs with a combination of dance and electronica qualities might become associated with Super Junior. It's kind of like 'SJ(Super Junior) Funky'."

In the 4th album, there are also the first solo songs for Super Junior members. Ryeowook's emotional voice and a harmonious piano accompaniment came together for "Spring Day". At first glance it seems like a song about missing an ex-lover, but in reality it's a song filled with the emotions of the songwriter whose grandmother passed away. There is also Yesung and Kyuhyun's first duet, a mournful ballad entitled "Someone Like Me". 

Their 1st and 2nd albums were overshadowed by their Dong Bang Shin Ki sunbaes, however the fever over their 3rd album turned them into a "Red Hot Idol Group".

Heechul: "In our trainee days, we saw that our sunbaes would usually retire after they released their 4th albums. These days, it seems like in the eyes of the public it's the same. However now because we're appearing on stages in not only Korea but all of Asia, we've extended our range."

Leeteuk and Heechul, who as the eldests of the group will be turning 28 in Korean years this year, said "In order to look younger we died our hair blonde." "We aren't planning to forget what we were like at the beginning. At first we wanted to shed the image of "idols" but nowadays we want don't want to throw away that title. If we can carry that honour, then we'll want to continue going with that image."*

*It is unclear which of them is saying this.

Original Source: Chosun
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The Truth of Scandal Between Suju Leeteuk and Figure Queen Kim Yuna is?

Group Super Junior's leader Leeteuk(28) has explained his scandal with Kim Yuna.

Leeteuk has revealed his thoughts on the scandal at the press conference of the 4th ablum. 

He dismissed the scandal saying, "to find about the scandal, one reporter followed me to where I was working out. I think it's because she's a famous sports star." Also, Leeteuk said, "after the filming of school uniform CF in 2007, I did not meet Kim Yuna. I want to see her."

Also, Leeteuk said about becoming minihompy ilchon, "Yesung was the first member to become minihompy ilchon with Kim Yuna. While filming, Kim Yuna told Yesung she has a minihompy and became ilchon with him. After seeing that, I came up to her." 

Before, Leeteuk had a scandal with Kim Yuna in 2007 by becoming minihompy ilchon. 
Source: NTN
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Super Junior 'Sorry That We Didn't Know Hankyung was Suffering..Hope He Comes Back '

Super Junior has revealed their stance about Hankyung who is currently in a lawsuit with the management company SM Entertainment. 

Super Junior met with the reporters in Seoul Kangnamgu Ahpgujung on May 20th afternoon and said, "we are really sorry to Hankyung"

Super Junior is working as a group 10 people and not 13 people for the 4th album activity. Kangin who has received the draft notice is planning to voluntarily enter into the army this July. Kibum did not participate in this album to focus on his acting career. Chinese member Hankyung applied to dissolve his contract and is in a lawsuit with the current management company. 

Leader Leeteuk said, "Because we spent long time with Hankyung, we forgot that he is "a Chinese" and we did not listen carefully to each other like families who gather together everyday that do not confess their worries to each other."

Leeteuk said, "we thought it must have been difficult for Hankyung to go that length. If he changes his mind later, we hope he comes back, because there's a place for him."

Unlike Hankyung who is not in contact with the members, Kangin and Kibum continue to cheer the members. The members said, "after a performance ends, they text us. They watch our comeback performances at 3 broadcasting companies and criticize us. They would compliment us saying 'the choreography looks cool.' Kangin said that the members looked really cool." 

Meanwhlie, Super Junior is becoming popular with their 4th album title song 'Miinah.'

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM