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Choi Siwon to be Elite Agent for Athena : Goddess of War

The production of IRIS‘ spin-off series, Athena: Goddess of War, seems to be taking its shape day by day.
As many already know, the series’ star-studded casting consisted of major actors and actresses, including but not limited to Jung Woo SungCha Seung Won, and Soo Ae.
Today, a report has come in and it’s official; Choi Siwon of Super Junior will be joining Athena for a role of a national elite agent named Kim Jun Ho!
This newest addition would undoubtedly attract more viewers, especially the females who was looking forward to some eye candy. Kim Jun Ho will be playing an attractive data analyzing agent at a secret organization by the name of NTS, and will also perform some hardcore action near the end of the show.
A representative revealed, “Ever since he got chosen, Choi Siwon has been regularly attending action-acting schools.” This will also be his second drama in 2010.


[100617][Video] SJ-M nominated for the best pop group at The Golden Melody Awards

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Gyuri and Shindong share some juicy secrets on Star Golden Bell

On Star Golden Bell, Super Junior’s Shindong and KARA’s Gyuri unleashed several interesting episodes of one another.

Shindong and Gyuri are currently DJs for a radio station together and they’ve become good friends. Ji Suk Jin, the MC of Star Golden Bell, asked them, “How are you guys getting along through the radio program?” in order for them to reveal some of their funny episodes.

Gyuri answered, “At first, it was a bit awkward. In order for us to become closer, we started sharing secrets. Shindong told me information along the lines of who was dating who.”

Shindong made everyone laugh by exposing, “All of that information belongs to Leeteuk!”

Gyuri didn’t stop there. She was asked to share another secret and she revealed, “I once looked through Shindong’s phone when we were still in the awkward stage, and I opened up one strange folder where there were many pictures of people not wearing a lot of clothes…” leaving everyone on the set laughing.

Lets hope the latter one was a just a mild joke. We’ll just have to watch this episode for ourselves when it airs on the 19th!

source: allkpop

[100617] 100% Entertainment Cut – Super Junior

This is a Taiwan Variety show,hosted by Show Luo and Alien Huan.There’s a new section in the show that introduces artists from other countries(outside Taiwan).
Mostly talking about the journey of Super Junior and the various sub units of SJ.The woman appearing in between cuts is the host of almost all of SJ activities in Taiwan(E.g. SJM Taiwan Fan Party and SJM Taiwan Press Conference).

At 3.28 of the Part 2 of the video,SJM expresses their feeling on being nominated in this year’s Golden Melody Awards.
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[100618] KBS Win Win Recording – Siwon, Taecyeon, Yonghwa

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[100618] Which Super Junior member like football most ? "Needless to say, it's Coach Ye"

On the show KBS2TV "Night star", Super Junior members have chosen Yesung to be the member of SJ who like football most.

On that show, when the MC asked which member of Super Junior like football most, all the members that attending the filming had chosen Yesung. And the members even call him "Coach Ye" in real life which prove that he has a wide knowledge about football.

Member Siwon also said Yesung always brings his laptop along with himself to the waiting rooms of the music shows to watch football and they have to prepare a special seat for him.

Besides, when being asked which member is the worst at playing football, all the SJ members also chose 1 person which gained a lot of attention.

The show will be aired at 11.15PM on June 20th

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[100617] Donghae’s Message to Thai Fans for Maxim Contact Lenses

Donghae left a message to Thai fans regarding his visit for the filming of Maxim contact lenses commercial.

Here it is for the translation.

My name is Donghae(said in Thai)

Hi, I’m Super Junior Donghae. I’m currently doing activities to promote our fourth album with the song BONAMANA. With all the love from the fans, the song had taken the top spot of music charts. I want to thank everyone for the love you gave us. I just got the good news that I’ll be going to Thailand alone to see the fans because I was chosen as a presenter for Maxim Contact Lenses. I’ll be seeing everyone on June 21st. I’m looking forward to a great experience. Please come to give me lots of support. See you all next week. Please take care and don’t get sick. See you on June 21st. Thank you.

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[100618] Super Junior Choi SiWon casted for drama ‘Athena’, a spin-off production from ‘IRIS’

Super Junior Choi SiWon is known to be casted for upcoming drama ‘Athena: The Goddess Of War’ a spin-off production from large scale action drama ‘IRIS’.
According to an official on 18th June, Choi SiWon has been casted for the drama. He will be taking up the role of Kim JoonHo, a rookie ellite. Earlier speculations for the role casting points to Kim HyunJoong but it seems that the speculations have misfired.
The other stars casted for the drama include Cha SeungWon, Jung WooSeong, SooAe and Lee JiaH, and the first filming was known to have started recently. The shooting will take place in 6 countries including Europe and Japan.
The drama is set to air later this year.
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Kangin’s Friend Cyworld update

Kangin ah~!
Preparing for the first match, (he) called saying he is able to come~
After preparing in a rush, welcomed Youngwoon here ^^
Watching the match together while eating and chatting…
Watching the him that has been suffering recently
Thinking back on the happy times in the past and smiling and laughing like this,
Someone once told me…
To let someone who has been working hard to work harder is not possible…
This fellow has to eat some nutritious food when he enter the army ya…
Thank you Youngwoon ~’~
Come often ^^

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SJ-M wouldn’t be attending Taiwan Golden Melody Awards

SJ-M felt sorry not being able to attend Golden Melody Awards and thanks the judges’recognition and fans’ support

Known to be this year’s Golden Melody Awards biggest runner up,Super Junior M felt very excited being nominated as the “Best Group”.However because there are 4 members who have to follow the main group Super Junior for their new album promotions,it’s confirmed that they(SJ-M) will not be attending Golden Melody Awards, and they felt really sorry.

Although SJ-M can’t go to Taiwan(for the ceremony),Siwon expressed that they are very happy to receive recognition from the judges.They had always attended the ceremony as guests and never thought one day they themselves could be nominated, he hopes everyone can anticipate silently for SJ-M’s comeback.Although (we) can’t see SJ-M in person for the ceremony,their main group Suepr Junior new album [Minah (Bonamana)] will officially be released in Taiwan on the 18th.

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SJ-M busy with promotions,won’t be attending Golden Melody Awards

Korea idol group Super Junior sub unit Super Junior-M,got nominated in this year’s Golden Melody Awards based on their mini album [Super Girl],but because they have to be busy promoting their new album,it’s confirmed that they will not be attending the ceremony.

Since the release of the nomination results,many fans were concerned whether SJ-M will attend the ceremony which will be held on the 26th;but *Avex said because SJ-M has 4 members who are busy with the main group SJ new album [Bonamana] promotions ,it’s confirmed they will not be attending the ceremony.

SJ-M mini album “Super Girl” release,received recognition from the Golden Melody Awards,they(SJ-M) expressed that they are very thankful.Previously to break in the Mandarin Music area,for 2 years,the members worked hard to learn Mandarin,practice Mandarin pronounciation,being nominated now had raised their confidence level.

Member Siwon said,”Being able to be nominated in Golden Melody Awards,such a well known music ceremony in the Chinese area,we felt really hounoured.” Avex also relayed that SJ-M will use a more serious and hard working attitude in the future,to officially break into the Mandarin Pop Music stage.

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Super Junior, except Kyuhyun, participate in Nocturnal Show

Super Junior has gain high popularity through “MiInAh” and will be attending the World Cup Special of the Nocturnal show “Night Star” (except Kyuhyun)

“Entertainment Idol” Super Junior has been actively participating in all sorts of variety shows. Except for Kyuhyun, who has just received surgery for his ears, all the members will be attending the show. This is very rare and hence has attracted everyone’s attention.

On the day of filming, all the members in Super Junior revealed each other’s secrets and show off their usual gift in speaking, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

Especially since on the day of filming, although it rained heavily all of the sudden, and they still need to carry out a soccer match, Super Junior does not show signs of tiredness and finished the filming happily. Just like what is heard, they are really very professional.

The World Cup Special’s Nocturnal Show that Super Junior will be participating will air on the 20 June, 11:15PM at KBS 2 TV.

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[100617] Yesung and Jungmo having lots of fun at Sukira

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[100617] Super Junior watching soccer footage on billboard screen

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[100615] YStar News - Super Junior as Ambassadors of Red Cross

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