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[100615] Heechul dancing to My Name(BoA) @ Young Street

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[100615] Heechul dancing to 2Different Tears (Wonder Girls) @ Young Street

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[100615] Korean Impression Preview - Zhou Mi

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Bonamana Parody - EunHae Couple

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Boy Bands take control of TV music programs

Korean boy bands SS501 and Super Junior both scored wins on televised music programs over the weekend.

SS501 grabbed their first win on KBS’ music show “Music Bank” with their latest track “Love Ya,” from their new album “DESTINATION,” beating out female idols Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears,” while Super Junior collected their third Mutizen Award on SBS’ Sunday program “Inkigayo” with their single “BONAMANA.”

Other contenders on both shows included Secret, f(x), CNBLUE, 4minute, MBLAQ and Davichi.

SS501 has been enjoying their return to the local music scene promoting their latest record “DESTINATION” which has fared well on numerous online and offline music charts since its release on May 24.

Super Junior, created and managed by major talent house SM Entertainment, has been one of the biggest K-pop acts in Asia since their debut in 2005.

They have been topping many music charts with their fourth studio release “BONAMANA” and are currently gearing up for their third Asia Tour “SUPER SHOW 3.”

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Super Junior in Singapore's magazine - U weekly!

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Super Junior ‘Bonamana’ is up #1 for 2nd week on Philippines MYX chart

Super Junior is up #1 on MYX chart in the Philippines for the 2nd week.
Super Junior 4th album title song ‘Bona Mana’ is up #1 on the Philippines MYX Hit Chart International Chart for the 2nd week of June. The song is up #1 on the weekly chart after winning the #1 spot on the daily chart last week. In addition, ‘Bona Mana’ is not only #1 up on the international chart, it is also up #1 on the local album sales chart and hit charts.
The album was released in HongKong on the 4th, and is set to be released in other Asian cities like Thailand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan etc on the 18th. The ‘Bona Mana’ fever is set to take over the Asian music scene once again when the group goes on their 3rd Asian concert tour in August.

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Bonamana Parody - Super Junior asked Kyuhyun to be on Twitter

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Super Show 3: What we all have been waiting for!

Super Show 3 is very soon~!
Super Junior’s 3rd Asia Tour, Super Show 3 will begin this fall on August 14 and 15 in Seoul! Actually, tickets will be on sale [For Seoul ss3 only] at 8 PM on June 17th, on the online store G-market:http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr
Cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila are on the list for ss3 concert after Seoul! There will be a total of 16 concerts in 13 cities.
So don’t worry, those are just 8 cities, so if your city wasn’t mentioned, don’t lose hope!!
Here’s promotional photo for SS3!
Excited much?

Super Show 3 Promotional Photo
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Super Junior to release 4th album ''Bonamana'' in Japanese version

Previously, Super Junior's 4th album titled ''Bonamana'' has topped many of the album sales chart and they have sold over 70K albums in just 5 days after the album has been released. The title song ''Bonamana'' is also Super Junior's fastest rise to the top of the chart for a lead single.

After the released of Version A and Version B, now Super Junior's Japanese version of Banamana is set to release on 21th July 2010. Besides, Super Junior K.R.Y will be holding a concert in Japan on 1st of August.

Tracklist as below:
1. Miinah
2. Boom Boom
3. Coagulation
4. Your Eyes
5. My Only Girl
6. My All Is In You
7. Shake It Up
8. In My Dream
9. One Fine Spring Day
10. Good Person
11. Here We Go

Source: SJ baidu thread
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Heechul poses with SS501

Idol group SS501 was recently on SBS Kim HeeChul’s Young Street radio show as guest appearances.

And as usual, the production team to the show posted up a set of photos taken during the boys’ guest appearances on the show’s official homepage. And the response from netizens who saw the photos has been very positive seeing the fun behind-the-scene photos revealed.

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SS501's Hyun Joong, in blackout condition of SJ's Heechul humor

SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong could not stop laughing at Super Junior HeeChul’s humor. 

SS501 appeared in last SBS Radio Power FM ‘Kim Heechul Young Street’, has offered a witty joke which to take pride to make the listeners laugh. 

When to the time SS501 songs and ads on air, DJ Heechul made a joke which made a big laugh out of the group members. In particular Kim Hyun Joong, whose did not prepare spirit and the features of laughing was put in to the photograph, opened to the public. 

Kim Hyun Joong who is convulsed with laughter could not stop laughing fell from a chair, it seemed like he was even laughing to faint. This situation continued after the broadcast begin that he could not stop laughing and with the members who are broadcasting had to fall from a distance. 

Hyun Joong’s continuously laugh. The netizens who are facing his laughing photograph responded “The laugh which will faint fans”, “Hyun Joong’s belly laugh”, “I do not know the content (of the joke) but see you laughing, I want to laugh with you”. 

Meanwhile, Kim Hyun Joong who belonged to SS501 has been working with the new song “Love Ya”. And the DJ Kim Heechul as a member of Super Junior has been being active in “BONOMANA”, reported appeaing in various arts and entertainment programs to turn audience to laugher.

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Taecyeon, Siwon, Yonghwa Jump Roping in the Middle of the Night?

2PM Taecyeon, Super Junior Choi Siwon, CN Blue Jung Yonghwa will jump rope in the middle of the night.

The three people who are receiving great praises as an actor will film an episode of "Win Win" on the 17th at Seoul Yeouido KBS Hall when a game between South Korea and Argentina opens.

The three of them received favorable reviews with their unexpected acting skills from the following drama, Taecyeon with KBS 2TV "Cinderella Unni," Siwon with SBS "Oh! My Lady," and Jung Yonghwa with SBS "You are Beautiful" last year. Taecyeon received attention as a Kyungsangdo man who has a crush on Moon Geunyoung in the drama, Choi Siwon and Jung Yonghwa each received popularity by transforming into a rough flower boy star and a gentleman who steals women's hearts.

A staff of "Win Win" said on the 15th, "they will reveal their stories of hardship they experience while they were acting and talk about behind the scene stories. Because of the time allotted for filming, we are unable to watch the game against Argentina."

Meanwhile, the three stars are planning to move to a place in Seoul after the filming to accomplish their mission of jump roping. The staffs said, "the jump rope mission will start at midnight, but since that will be right after the game ends, we believe that many people will gather."

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