Wednesday, June 9, 2010

[100609] Eunhyuk's Twitter Update Good morning!!!...nonono...Good afternoon~~~~^^

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[100609] Shindong's Twitter Update

오늘은 슈키라 공개방송있는날!!!!^^ 가는중 !! 그리고 차안에서열씨미 음악만드는 동하이!!!! 그리고 블랙베리랑놀구있는 시원!!!

*the one that is using the laptop is Donghae and the one that playing with Blackberry is Siwon*

틈새라면에서 발견!!! 야호!!

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[100609] Zhou Mi's Weibo Update

Second update, tonight

I'll be back for comment happy.gif . Have a class now.
If I am not wrong, this is the picture of Ddangkkoma *Yesung's turtle* smilee.gif

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[100608][Eng Sub] SJ Greet Philippines E.L.F.

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[100608] Heechul Dancing to '2 Different Tears'

credit; SuJuTV @ yt

[100609] KBS2 Dream Team Update Ep 33 - Super Junior

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[100607] Sungmin,Donghae and Yunho at Myongji University

Credits: nate + 李成民吧 + perMINent
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[100608] Heechul and Friends

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[100609] Yesung's Twitter Update

Because I’m really really hungry..I came to the company with my mom..Euhihi^^

종진이랑 막창집왔다~ 오랜만에먹는.. 그래두조금만먹어야지 ㅜㅜ

(June 8th)
내몸값이 이정도밖에 안됐었나? 이번4집 더욱더 열심히해야겠네 ....
My value is still in this level? I think I have to work harder for the 4th album ….

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[100531] Sungmin at SBS Parking Lot

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[100609] Siwon's Twitter Updates

Morning serve with Donghae :D !!

"Brian Joo Mini Showcase Live in Malaysia" July 10, 2010 (Sat) !!

And For more information go to! Yay :D!!

Holyspirit come to Gag Concert! With Eunhyuk

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