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SNSD and Super Junior Surpassed the 100,000 for Album Sales

For the first half of the year, only 2 idol groups have surpassed the 100,000 mark for album sales, and from the counting of album sales from January to May, only SNSD and Super Junior were able to achieve to surpass the 100,000 album sales mark.

SNSD who made their comeback last January 26 with their second album "Oh!", according to hanteo, after 2 months and 27 days, their album was able to surpass the 100,000 album sales mark, Super Junior however was able to achieve this after 1 week after their album release in May.

After 2 months, SNSD's 2nd full album was able to reach 117,077 album sales. Their album was a success after the hit song "Oh!" sky rocketed to the top of music charts. Fans went crazy for their new album which resulted to the impressive album sales.

Super Junior after two weeks of has sold 106,861 album sales with their 4th album "Bonamana". Their title track "miinah" was received very well and Super Junior had an impressive album sales just after 2 weeks since it was released back in May 13, 2010.

Meanwhile, their other albums are also doing well. SNSD's repacked album "Run Devil Run" also had impressive sales. After it was released in March 16, 2010 until now after 2 months and 26 days it has reached 47,455 album sales.

Super Junior's Version B which was released on the 20th of May has also received explosive interest and sold over 37,410 copies.

Meanwhile, other idol groups also had good album sales, 2am also had good feedback for their 1st mini album "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" went really well selling over 34,304 copies. Rain followed next with his special mini album "Back to the Basics" has sold over 32,633 copies.

Meanwhile, SNSD holds the all time record, SNSD who debuted in 2007 has the top spot for the first half for all of their albums in total reaching 180,051 in album sales from January to May.

Super Junior who debuted in 2005, followed in next with their total album sales this year which just started this May with a total of 156,036 album sales.

So all in all the top album sales record for the first half of the year according to hanteo (from January to May) is:
1. SNSD 2nd full album "oh!" - 117,077
2. Super Junior 4th full album "Bonamana" - 106,861
3. SNSD Repacked album "Run Devil Run" - 47,455
4. Super Junior 4th full album Version B - 37,410
5. 2am 1st mini album "Can't Let You Go Even If I Die" - 34,304
6. Rain Special Mini album "Back to the Basics" - 32,633

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SJ Filming KBS Guerilla Date

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[100527] Donghae's Twitter Update

오랜만에 트위터^^ 오늘 날씨 굿굿굿^^ Have a good day!
Twitter for the first time in several days^^ Today's weather is good good good^^ Have a good day!

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[Pic] Donghae and Siwon with Friends

Donghae & Siwon w/ Friends
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[100527] Shindong's Twitter Update

영화 하녀를 봤습니다..근데요 이게...숨은내용이있는걸까요???? 결국엔 너가뭘해봤자 아무신경안쓰고 난 행복하게 살 지롱~~ 인가??? ㅡㅡ 그리고 의사의 이집안남자들은 다 왜이래 라는 내용의이야기는안나 오네 아쉽..** 숨은내용있으면 알려주세요
I saw the movie .. I was wondering what the maid ... I wonder if the hidden content?? Even if you know what to do after all live happily without having to worry ~ ~ is all good?? ㅡ ㅡ and the doctor's house, the information is wrong in the story of the guys he is sorry to say that I do let me know if you ..** hidden content

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[100526] SJM Semir Filming - Photo Group

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Super Junior Wins 1st Award for New Song!

Boy band Super Junior scored their first win just a week after their comeback, bagging the K-Chart award for their new song, “Bonamana,” on KBS TV program “Music Bank” on May 21.
It was a landslide win for Super Junior, garnering 14,720 points against group Hot Potato, which racked up 7,727 points. The K-Chart winner was selected based on digital music downloads, viewer preference, CD sales, and air time.
In his acceptance speech, leader Leeteuk said, “Thank you very much for giving us this great award even though we came back only last week.”
He also mentioned Kibum, Kangin, and Hangeng, members of the boy band who were not part of the “Bonamana” album due to personal reasons.
“We really miss you,” Leeteuk said of the three.
The albums of Super Junior continue to dominate not only in South Korea but in the Philippines as well.
Super Junior released their new and fourth album “Bonamana” last May 13, and in just eight days, it sold 95,359 copies on online music downloading site Hanteo.
In addition, the album’s version B has sold 21,695 copies on Hanteo. As of May 20, the album sold 117,054 copies on Hanteo alone. The music chart also showed that the album’s versions A and B are at No. 1 and 2.
Even before it was released, “Bonamana” got 198,485 in preorders, making the album one of the bestselling this year.
In the Philippines, Super Junior’s 2007 and second album “Don’t Don” zoomed to the top of the charts in two music stores in the Philippines.
The album was released in the country as requested by Filipino fans.
This is Super Junior’s fourth No. 1 album in the country, the only Korean act to achieve such feat so far. The boy band’s “Sorry Sorry” album reached gold status when it was released in the Philippines.
The CD contains 14 tracks including the carrier single “Don’t Don,” “Marry U,” and “Midnight Fantasy.” The DVD includes videos of the making of the music video and interviews with the members.

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Super Junior M nominated for ‘best singer award’ at 21st Golden Melody Awards

Super Junior unique group Super Junior M has been nominated for an award at the Golden Melody Awards, a top music awards ceremony in Taiwan.
According to SM Entertainment on 27th May, they have nominated for the ‘Best Singer Group’ award at the 21st Golden Melody Awards together with other big names like Cotton Candy and Power Station.
The SM Entertainment rep commented, “Super Junior M was invited as special guests to attend the Golden Melody Award last year, and having being nominated this year, there has been much interests as to whether they will be the first Korean singers to win an award at the Golden Melody Awards.”
Meanwhile, the award ceremony will be held on 26th June.

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[100527] Heechul's Twitpic Update

lunch are

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The M Wave - Super Junior 미인아 (Bonamana) [HD]

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Sieg Fahrenheit Endorsement – Siwon

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[100526] Leeteuk's Twitter Update

이번 미인아 컨셉이라는데 비슷한가요?ㅋㅋㅋ
He says the concept is similar to Miinah? ㅋㅋㅋ

드림콘서트!!!^^ 머리가 하늘로 쭉쭉쭉~~쭉쭉쭉~~아 사진멋있당..ㅋㅋ근데 복근이 들어갔다..ㅠㅠ요즘 운동할시간도없고 관리하기 힘들다..다시 나오라고불러야겠다..ㅋㅋ

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Semir's Staff about SJ-M

1 & 2) 
Shooting superjuniorM once again today, I realised that everyone has lost weight. Donghae even used Chinese to ask me “You’re on a diet, right”. I’m very puzzled. Today I’m wearing ‘the thing’ tee clay gave me, went outside to take a look at sjm’s fans, suddenly realised that the wording on the tee was not appropriate so I hurried back into the studio.
@XanderZhou Other than styling, also in-charged of Henry’s dnce part (choreography), this is Instructor Zhou at work. Tomorrow is Henry’s flying day, Beijing to Korea, Korea to America, @ChoiSiWon added “moreover it’s economy class”
3) P.S.: The entry was reblogged later by @XanderZhou and then he added “an exhaustive child”
Today SJM’s fans started waiting at the door from one in the afternoon, keeping watch until we’d finished shooting, I saw their persistance, very touched! I’m honoured to have been able to take solo shots together with Henry and Donghae respectively Henry was very talkative, is someone who doesn’t let you feel distant, very cute, Donghae is a cool boy, maybe it’s due to the language barrier, the end everybody together with Siwon took a group of photos, anticipating

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[100526] Zhou Mi at Shanghai Pudong Airport

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