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[100514] Shindong, Reason for Public Proposal? “Because I like her”

Super Junior ShinDong confessed the reason of his public proposal through 4jib “Miina” album’s Thanks To.

ShinDong simply stated that his reason for renouncing his love through Thanks To is because “[he] likes her (the girlfriend)” on his interview with the reporter on 14th just before the KBS “Music Bank” rehearsal.

Adding that “When I first made the code, I admire myself for making one” he laughed and continued “I didn’t expect the fans would find out that fast. (Making the code,) I thought the fans would be more interested in 4jib album and talk more about it.”

About openly talking about marrying, he smiled and said “not yet..” He said it’s just another way of him to show his love. Also he added that “Because my girlfriend is not a celeb, I’m still more careful…Please help me have a good relationship with her.”

Other members’ reaction is funny. HeeChul laughed and said “If we don’t win GoldenDisk this year, it’s all ShinDong’s fault”. He also added, “that kind of code you can solve by reading “KinDaiChi Case Files*.”
ShinDong wrote a code saying `B2B8,B4B9,B3A8, B3C6,B4B9, A4A7B4,B5B6B2,B5B8,A2B8,C3B7B3,B5B6B2,B5B8,B2C7B2,A4B7,B3A8, A5B8,B4B8B3,B5A9,A2C6B4,A4A10, B3A7B3,B3C6B7B2,B5B9` at 4jib’s Thanks To, garnering fans’ attention. This code deciphers into “NariYa let’s get married. I’m proposing right now. I’ll love you forever.” The fans’ reaction is generally positive. They’re saying it’s romantic that ShinDong openly proposed through a code that’s known by the two of them.

On the other hand, Super Junior released their title song “Miina” (BONAMANA) of 4jib, starting their promotions through their comeback stage on KBS 2TV “MusicBank”.

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Original article: StarToday
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Leeteuk Talks About Shindong’s Proposal

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk opens up about Shindong’s thank you note proposal to his girlfriend.
Lee Teuk met with the press on the 14th at KBS2TV ‘Music Bank’ waiting room and revealed “We jokingly told him to get married within the year”
Shindong is dating a girl from outside the entertainment industry. This was revealed when fans cracked the code in his ‘thanks to’ note in
Super Junior’s 4th album. The code written in his ‘thanks to’ is translated as “Nari-ya, let’s get married. I’m proposing to you. I’ll love you forever”. In addition, Shindong’s agency, SM Entertainment has officially acknowledged the fact that he has a girlfriend.
Lee Teuk said “Our members have met up with his girlfriend too. She’s a good friend of ours. Yesterday, when Heechul saw the post by the fans (regarding Shindong’s code), he contacted Shindong and Shindong sent a mass text to all the members saying ‘Sorry’”
He added “No wonder Shindong was grumbling in front of the computer when we were all writing our ‘thanks to’ notes. Shindong repeated his apology again because it’s been a long time since we released an album but he ends up hogging all the attention, but we said its okay”
Super Junior made their
comeback through ‘Music Bank’ today with their title track off their 4th album ‘Miinah’
and drew attention with their powerful skate dance.
NewsenTranslated by: Sparkskey @ [info]omona_prection 
A close friend of both Nari and Shindong confirmed that the girl in the pictures netizens dug up is Shindong’s girlfriend. According to him “She’s 21 years old, seems to be 158, and is a cute girl. She’s very talented and interested in trot music. I think she has plans to debut in future” 
(T/N: omitted all irrelevant parts of the article. I have no idea how true this article is either since ‘close friends’ might also be known as ‘attention-seekers’)

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4th Album - Sungmin Thanks To


Firstly, thank Lord

And Teacher Lee Sooman that has been leading us, thank you, will buy red wine for you.

Kim Youngmin and Jung Minhwan that has been worry for us, And Youngjoon hyung that has been so tiring, thanks!

And Binjoong hyung that has been always helping us to prepare, Thanks!

And also the handsome Seunghwan hyung~ and Daebin hyung that seemed to have a lover already~ Envy~ need to keep continue~!

Sooyoung hyung that has been married, Minsung hyung, ah, more envious~!

And the Cheunmin hyung that has been so busy lately, Binchul hyung, have you seen our 4th album being daebak?! And forever ours, KONG noona! Will introduce you a boyfriend this year ~ So exercise… PLEASE! ke

And also Devin, who has been working so hard chereographing the dance, thanks~

And to everyone that has been very tired and working very hard for our 4th album, Thanks so much!

Thanks Max Gym, I will go back!

Our leader jongShi hyung~ Thanks to you the changes is really great!!! keke, in the future also, need your help~

My parents that has been loving me, and Sungjing that has went to the army, I love you all~!

Lastly, the ELF that has been with us no matter when! Really very grateful to the wait and excitement to 4th album, I love you all!

Credit: 百度李晟敏吧
Chinese translation: 静
English translation: minoko2440 @
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4th Album - Siwon Thanks To

Our debut is just like something that has happened two days ago, and now the 4th album has came out. Last year, there are so many things happening in our country, especially recently, in order to protect our country, many soldiers as sacrificed themselves in the west sea. Our hearts are heavy and sad, and already showed our deepest condolences to the soldiers’ families.

In the darkest place in this society, hope gives us light. And many praises and thanks to the Lord that has been leading us, giving us hope and gracing everyone with happiness.

Among all these obstacles, in order to keep our heart unchanged in our further journey, Teacher Lee Sooman and director has been giving us many support, leading us with all their true hearts. And the Managers and staffs that has been with us no matter when, sharing our tears and happiness with us, sincerely saying thank you. Also sincere thanks to the fans that has been giving us love and support.

To the Pastors that has been praying for me always, including Pastor Jaeson Ma’s church-friends*, really alot of thanks. To the father, mother and sister I love, thank you. I love you all

Credit: 百度崔始源吧
Chinese Translation: 最_宝贝
English Translation: minoko2440 @
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Super Junior and ELF Rules Twitter

Despite on Super Junior's Comeback on Music Bank today, Twitter's trending topics already full with Super Junior.
BONAMANA already trending for 3days since the song released.

ELF for sure need more oxygen tanks and need^^

Super Junior Comeback Stage on Music Bank

Comeback VTR Hot Issue

credit: mishhh1228 @ YT
Super Junior -  Boom Boom + Bonamana

credit: mishhh1228 @ yt

Today's Winner

credit: UnknownCarrot110 @ YT

[100514] Spao New Ad

credits :

Super Junior Promotional Message on UFO Town

Credit: nate TV
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[100514] Heechul's Twitter Update (w/ Photo) pretty kids~ Hongki has to interrupt together ㅋㅋ

Source; @Heedictator
Translated by: heekimchi@twitter 

World Asia – Hottest 30 Top Ranked Artists

2.Super Junior
3. Rain
4. Wonder Girls
5. BigBang
6. SS501
7. FT.island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10 . SHINee
11 . Kattun
12 . Boa
13 . Epik High
14 . NEWS
15 . lolli pop
16 . Fahrenheit
17 . Seven
18 . So Nyeo Shi Dae
19 . Arashi
20 . U-kiss
21 . ZhangLiyin
22 . Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23 . 2pm
24 . Teppei
25 . Hay ! Say ! Jump
26 . Battle
27 . Paran
28 . Kara
29 . Yaya yah!
30 . Jay Chou , X-JAPAN

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BONAMANA (Pre-recorded) and BOOM BOOM (Live) on Music Bank

Today's Music Bank, Super Junior now just done doing the pre-recorded for BONAMANA and will performed BOOM BOOM live!

can't wait!

don't forget to memorize the BONAMANA's FansChant

thanks to yurigoodoo @ twitter

[100513] Eunhyuk's Cyworld Entry

2010.05.13 11:38
….so strange, why (am i) so nervous?…
Its just like during debut…
Is a happy kind-of nervousness… A feeling that cannot be describe…
Doesn’t want to have any regret in the activity.
This isn’t just sayings… Really miss you all.. Sapphire blue..
Miss that sapphire blue sea, and the strong screams…
Everyone miss me too, right?

Credit: Eunhyuk’s cyworld + 你好 我的爱
Chinese Translation: 小朴
English Translation: minoko2440 @
Screencap; honeymoney

Hanteo Chart- Real Time KPOP

they are also ranked #1 on Daily KPOP

cr: hanteo +sapphirepearls

[100513] Ryeowook's Fancafe Entry

I want to become like Eric Benet, perfection

10.05.13 03:04

Today Ryeowookie, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Shinee's leader Onew, and Fiery Charisma [Minho] went together to an Eric Benet concert ^^

There really wasn't even a single empty seat, many people came so in order to hear Eric Benet no one made a sound (Me too... kya~^^*)

His close-to-last song was a remake of a song by toto, who I like, so I felt it was really good ^^

He sang a lot of classics so ㅠㅠ Ryeongku* could do nothing but cry~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The show went on for an hour and a half and then we already had to leave^^ Beautiful composer Kenmo?! It's all thanks to you noona~!! We enjoyed the show^^kyakya~~

When it finished we went backstage to the waitingroom to say hello~^^ To be honest I didn't know we'd get to do that.. But when after we met him he was really well-mannered~ Even though he's famous he was really warm and friendly ^^ (I [want to be] that kind of singer too...)

I understood why he receives so much love~!! We also took photos~^^ (Next time I'll upload themㅋㅋ I don't have them yet~)

Thank you for giving so much love to our fourth album's "Hey Beautiful Girl"~! The album will come out in just a little more time.. Please look forward to it~!!!

It seems I'm going to fall asleep listening to Eric Benet's songs~~^^ I'll become Ryeowook who'll give you even better songs~~ (I'm sorry I'm still so lacking~..)

I love you ♥

*Ryeongku is Ryeowook's nickname.

Original Source: Fill Me In Ryeowook Fancafe
Translated by ♥ jubee ♥ at SJ-WORLD.NET

[100513] Sungmin's Message in Sungminwings

Dare to say this photo had been edited?

I really worked hard for this one...what do you think I am...haha
if...there is a chance to show off next time...
please wait for it...

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Bonamana - What Should ELFs Start Doing ?

*click to enlarge*

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Super Junior contents in 3D?

Director Cameron on the 14, met up with Lee Soo Man (SME) in Seoul Seochodong Samsung Electronics and were looking at 3D contents and talking about collaborations.
In the press conference, it was stated that Samsung Electronics will collaborate with 3D contents.
Director Cameron even stated that he will reveal the release date of Avatar 2 and for the collaborations.
SM Entertainment is also actively cooperate with the content as is observed. BoA, SNSD, Super Junior and a variety of music content to 3D and this is expected.
So pretty much to sum it up:

SME and the director are trying to involve 3D in the music industry….

Picture: Newsis
Translation: Seungeunlee @ SJ-WORLD

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[100514] Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry

2010.05.14    00:57
We are here
No matter where, what (we are) doing
We are here
Its always at the same place
With the initial excitement and dream
Credit: Kyuhyun’s Cyworld + 圭贤王朝
Chinese translation: 雅
English translation: minoko2440 @
Screencap; honeymoney

[100513] Leeteuk’s Message on Donghae’s Cyworld

^^동해야!!!이제 정말 다시 시작이다^^ㅋ (은평구꼬봉 박정수)
^^ Donghae ya!!! Now its really starting again^^ㅋ (Eunpyeong rascal Park Jungsoo)

Credit: Donghae’s cyworld
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Screencap: honeymoney

Yesung’s Thanks to in 4th Album

You …
img from

trans by LaCrymaMosa


Donghae’s Thanks to His Father in 4th Album

To: Father
Has been about 4 years time that I hasn’t called Daddy out… It is like I can call it forever, thinking it is just in front of me, but time just passed on like that. One day…One month… One year… So many things went on… Although (I) feel that father will be watching me in heaven, but it is still a pity, growing up like this, if father can keep on seeing it, I really think that there is nothing as happy as that… Writing the words like that, on this rainy day that father like, sitting in dorm. 2010/04/25 – PM 03:10 – Telling father the news of us releasing the 4th album ^^ perhaps it is because of the rain, I miss father more…^^ The Super Junior that has been receiving lot of love from everyone everytime we release an album! This time, in order to also get everyone’s love, father please pray for us ^^ also, from the photos (you) can tell, following the pass of time, I made many changes, and father is still as usual ^^ Father, please continue to see how I change even in heaven, how I overcome all the tests(obstacles), how I smile, how I cry, how I am happy, how I am sad… And also, when we met in the future, please tell me, I really miss you, I love you my son Donghae ya ^^ (Actually, it is because I haven’t heard it for a long time…) because everyone can hear it, but I cant anymore … It is so annoying! Hahaha, for this album, I will work hard in order to get everyone’s love!! Hwaiting!!^^ I LOVE S.Y.L
Credit: 海世代
Chinese Translation:ZOEY
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Shindong’s Code Deciphered

From Shindong’s ‘BONAMANA’ Thank You notes:
The code can be understood with this
A is the 1st row (Q,W,E.R….)
B is the 2nd row (A,S,D,F…)
C is the 3rd row (Z,X,C.V…)
the number next to the letter is the key in that row (from the left to right)
and you end up with something in Korean:
Which is translated to:
let’s get married,
this is a proposal,
i’ll love you,
cr: 『SexyDino☆彡』@  |
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Super Junior Shindong is in Love

Super Junior Shindong (real name Shin Donghee) is in love.
Shindong is currently dating a non-celebrity. This has been revealed in Shindong’s thanks to in Super Junior’s 4th album which was translated by the fans.
The management company SM Entertainment has revealed that on the 14th, “Shindong has confessed his love through thanks to” and “Shindong is dating a non-celebrity.”
Fans have translated Shindong’s thanks to which was written in codes as, “Nari, let’s get married. I’m proposing. I’ll love you forever.” Shindong had already had a scandal with a woman whose initials are NR and the pictures of them together have been uploaded on internet message boards. However, Super Junior representatives had dismissed the scandal calling the pictures as “photoshopped.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior will comeback through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ with Miinah on the 14th at 5.50pm KST.
Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

미인아 (Bonamana) Official Fanchant

(Su. Per. Ju. Ni. Or. Mi. In. Ah)
[ALL] ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
[siwon] neon algga malgga algga malgga neomu yebbeun miina (miina)
nal michyeotdago malhaedo nan niga johda miina 
[heechul] nuga jeonhaejwo My baby to my baby naega yeogi itdago malya gidarinda malya[eunhyuk/ leeteuk] (Baby, you turn it up now)
[Kyuhyun] neon gatabuta gatabuta mal jomhaera miina (miina) 
ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun salmui Winner
[Yesung] i sesangui ichiran ichiran yonggi itneun jareul ddara
na gateun nom malya
[Ryeowook] yetmale Say yeol beon jjikeumyeon neomeoganda eusseuk eusseuk eusseuk
[sungmin] geunyeoneun gangjeok ggeuddeokeobda bbijjuk bbijjuk bbijjuk
[ryeowook/sungmin] nan eoddeokhalgga eoddeokhalgga geunyeomani nae gwansimin geol geol geol
[ALL] Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum 
ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you down to you 
nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda nal barabwara
[ALL] bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namjabonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwadobogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobdabonamana bonamana bonamana
[EH/LT] (Baby you turn it up now)
[Donghae] mwol salgga salgga salgga salgga neoreul wihan seonmul(seonmul)
Oh~ michigetda saenggakman haedo johahal ni moseub 
[Kyuhyun] Listen girl! [Yesung] johahae [Kyuhyun] Baby girl! [Yesung]saranghae[Kyuhyun] namani neoreul wihan namja deuleojwo bwa neoreul hyanghan gobaek
[Ryeowook] nae mamui say aeman taeuji malgo jebal ggeudeok ggeudeok ggeudeok
[sungmin] i noryeok jeongdomyeon narado guhae giteuk giteuk giteuk
[RW/SM] nan eoddeokharago eoddeokharago geunyeomani nae jeonbuin geol geol geol
[ALL] Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum 
ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you down to you 
nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda (nal barabwara)
[ALL] bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namjabonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwadobogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobdabonamana bonamana bonamana
[Eeteuk] nan deudyeo michilgeoya pokbalhae beoril geoya
[Heechul] deo motchamgesseo geunyeomanui milgo danggigi
[Eunhyuk] oh jinjja michilgeoya nuga jom malryeobwabwa[Siwon] ireohge himdeul georan geol nuga malhaesseoyaji
[Ryeowook] (It’s) True true nae gamjeongeun gal gosi eobseo nege matchwo beoringeol neon jal aljani[Kyuhyun] How to keep loving you? naega jinjja nege jalhalge idaero nal sseokhyeo dujima
[ALL] gidarinda miina Hope you’ll step to me, step to mesaranghanda miina Bring it, sign to me, sign to me.
Hahahaha Hahahahaha
geunyeoga imi nal barabol junbiga dwae isseotnabwa
[ALL] Bounce to you Bounce to you nae gaseumeun neol
hyanghae jabhil sudo eobseul mankeum 
ddwigo itneungeol
Break it down to you, down to you 
nae gaseumi neo
neol gatji mothandamyeon meomchul georanda (nal barabwara)
[ALL] bolgga malgga bolgga malgga bolgga malgga na gateun namjabonchemanche bonchemanche bonchemanche dolaseo bwadobogobwado bogobwado bogobwado na bakke eobdabonamana bonamana bonamana na bakke eobda
credits : romanization.wp for the romanized lyrics | smtown for the korean & official fanchant| shared by; stalker93@sapphirepearls