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[100513] SM Idol At Eric Benet's concert

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[100517] Siwon and Brian Joo Hanging Out Together - Twitter Update

 Siwon;여러분 브라이언형도 팔로우 많이해주세요 :) Hey guys! Please show some love & support to my bro. Brian. He's my family :)

My bro. Eugene and me, at my other bro. Brian's house..:) 즐거운시간!

Me & my brother Brian, just hanging out at his house... Haven't seen him in a while ;) 즐거운시간'ㅡ'

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Sneak Peek of SJ's Victory Korea MV

It seems like everyone in the world is ready for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup, and this time, all eyes are on Super Junior.
Following the chants of T-araKaraBrown Eyed GirlsBig Bangf(x) and more, the guys of Super Junior are propping the streets of Korea by sporting red devil goodies for their new MV ‘Victory Korea.’  Grooving to their infamous ‘Sorry Sorry’ dance step, the track is pretty much an upbeat song with cheering lines of ‘K O R E A fighting, Victory Victory’
Make sure to check the teaser below:

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[160510] Super Junior Inkigayo Rehearsal Moments

As this was taken from a Donghae’s fansite, most of it are notes of Donghae -

PART ONE: Bonamana
1. During one of the recording, Donghae’s magician’s handkerchief wasn’t placed properly and almost fell out of his pocket halfway.

2. During one of the recording, Donghae’s shoelace was untied, he keep staring at his foot the whole time, luckily he discovered it early and did not trip.
3. During rest-time, Donghae was ‘fighting’ with Eunhyuk, playing all the way. In the end, Eunhyuk put his arm around Donghae’s neck (hugged Donghae by the neck) <3
4. Our Heenim, today isn’t that high-spirited. Seemed to think what he is wearing isn’t good. At the start, he doesn’t want to turn his head over when they were greeting the fans on stage. He even asked the ELFs whether his shirt is ok = =
5. Heenim’s eyes looked so luring. It is electrifying…
6. Halfway during recording, some fans are shouting faintly “Milky Skin Kim Heechul”, in the end, Heechul heard it and says softly “Saranghaeyo~”. The fans then continued “Kim Hee Chul~”
7. During the first recording, during his slide, Kyuhyun did not do it correctly and “over-slide”. He made a slight “oh oh” sound. During the third recording, he wasn’t that stable too. Please be careful.
PART TWO: Boom Boom
1. Hyukjae was totally handsome in the last dance part, everyone was shouting “Lee Hyukjae Lee Hyukjae”. Then Leeteuk and Shindong heard it and acted angry, shouting “HaJiMa” (don’t do it), then everyone started shouting “Shin Donghee Shin Donghee”. Then its our Donghae’s turn to be upset. He walked over and shouted “HaJiMa”. Then everyone started shouting “Lee Donghae Lee Donghae”. Our little boy got his aim, and he smiled very happily. He even stick his tongue out and showed an “ok” sign :)
2. At one part of the dance, Donghae turned around to face the fans and showed the ‘victory-sign’. When he turned back again, he turned into the cool man and started dancing handsome-ly again.
3. When the recording ended, Donghae and Eunhyuk hugged, and they continued hugging each other while walking down the stage (walked like a crab).
4. When Ryeowook came out from the 3D-stage prop (those that watched will notice the “cube-like” prop on stage?), he bumped his head on the prop and “ah~”. One of the members came over and asked him if he is alright.
5. Before the music started playing, Sungmin keep shaking his butt and Eunhyuk went over and whacked Sungmin’s butt. Super cute. After that, Sungmin still continue shaking his butt. Then some fans shouting “Sungmin oppa, don’t do it~” then he stopped.
6. When the third recording ended, everyone thought it is ok and they can leave already, in the end someone requested for another time. Leeteuk says “Then let’s do it again”, and told ELF “Isn’t it good?” <– saying that ELF can watch it again.
7. Leeteuk even asked the fans if there is any fans from China. In the end, not only Chinese fans, Korean fans also raised their hands screaming “ME ME ME”
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[100517] Dazed Magazine – We Are Blood Donors (Donghae & Shindong)

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World’s First 3D Live Concert

A spectacular event will be held on the 19th of May in Seoul Yeouido Park, it will showcase and celebrate the World’s first 3D stage. KBS will be holding a concert at 6pm on May 19 for a special stage in Yeouido Park featuring artists like 2am, Super Junior, Norazo and many more. This will be the Worlds First 3D Live concert and will be broadcast through KBS 1TV live as well. KBS received permission from Korea Communications Commission last month to have this experimental stage for a 3DTV transmitting station installed. They will be having a cutting edge 3D camera’s to record the concert, all test preparations has been completed and ready to go. The concert will be shown through a 620 Inch Screen for special views and it will be available through live 3D. the 620 inches LED screen will be for the super special stage in Yeouido Plaza also, they will be handing out FREE 3D glasses to viewers to experience the 3D effect of the concert.

Source: Newsen
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Super Junior to perform on M-Wave

Boy group Super Junior will be appearing for the first time in Arirang “The M-wave” and will be shooting for the show this May 18 at 7:00 pm in Konkuk University Millennium Hall. There has been a lot of hot responses for Super Junior’s appearance for the show also giving Super Junior a worldwide exposure since the show will be broadcast in 188 countries worldwide. The show is hosted by f(x) Krystal and MBLAQ member Cheondung. Super Junior will be appearing in the show alongside Davichi, Rumble fish, f(x), HAM, Code V, Jeong Seul Gi, J.Rich, AB Avenue and Cheong Lim and they will be presenting brilliant stages for the show. Meanwhile, The M-Wave is broadcast every Sunday at 1:00 PM KST in Arirang TV and a replay by 6:00 PM KST the same day. This episode featuring Super Junior and many others will be broadcast on May 23.

Source: Newsen
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Where did the Boys get their Bonamana Fashion from?

A Korean ELF noticed the outfits of the boys were inspired by Kwak Hyun Joo, a Korean fashion designer for Vogue..
The outfits they used for their comeback stage in SBS Inkigayo was the set of clothes from Kwak Hyun Joo’s Runway 2010..

And the set of clothes they used for their comeback stage in MBC Music Core was from Kwak Hyun Joo’s fashion runway 2009..

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Fred Perry’s Endorsement

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Bonamana MV Fan Art


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[100517] Oppaya SPLASH Update

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Ryeowook's Fansite Splash Update


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Bonamana on Various Charts

#7 - Melon Heat Chart

#24 - Melon's Realtime Chart

#86 - Melon's Music Video Top 100 Chart

#1 - Soriboda's Realtime Chart

#9 - Monkey3's Weekly Chart

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VTR Stage of Youth - Hangeng's New Drama

It will on-air in Thailand on 20th May

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[100517] Shindong and Henry's Twitter Updates

난오늘도 뽀뽀뽀촬영중!! 옆에서 뜨거운형제들촬영중이네요 쌈디!! 맨!!
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Hey everyone! been a while since I've been on twitter. Did some yard work in my back yard today with my brother! T

Hey everyone! been a while since I've been on twitter. Did some yard work in my back yard today with my brother! T

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Brian Joo for Taiwan and Malaysia

He just update his tweet a few minutes ago, saying that he might come to Taiwan and Malaysia for promotion.

as he said, let's keep hoping! ;)

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[100517] Heechul's Twitpic Update 내조의 여왕 태봉인 배우 윤상현형ㅋㅋ 해외에서도 인기가 쩔음. 나의 상당한 팬임ㅋㅋ

he's also famous overseas. he's quite a fan of mineㅋㅋ

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Bonamana Individual Photo Card - Yesung [Trans]

Yesung♡ Me ♡♡ can't be if it's not me* ^^
Will you always follow** us??
I love you ~ ♡
*: He wrote "난 ♡♡아니면 안돼" - as a modified version of his solo song 너아니면 안돼 (It has to be you - Can't be if it's not you)
**: follow, take care of, care for, observe, protect...

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Heechul, Appearance of an Idol, Appetite of an Uncle?

On the 6th, a picture appeared on SBS Radio PowerFM (107.7mhz)’s Heechul’s Young Street website gallery, which surprisingly showed Heechul’s large appetite.
In the picture, Heechul was happy and contented to see the kimchi, chicken feet and rice wine etc that had been given to him as presents.
Youngstreet’s staff said, “When he was in the resting room, he happily spread out all the food like in a feast. This is what Hee DJ looks like when he’s eating packed lunch and chicken feet– ‘Drink some rice wine too.’ and thus i drank some too.”

He then added, “No matter what, this program is Heechul’s Youngstreet, and ‘chicken feet and rice wine are not bad’ had let netizens have a good laugh.
Netizens who had seen the pictures commented, “I am happy to see Heechul eating so happily”, and also “Seeing him eat is making me hungry!” and other comments

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