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[100528] Eunhyuk's Twitter Avatar Update

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[100528] Super Junior's Twitter Photo Spazz

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[100416] Sungmin - Hong Gil Dong's Backstage [Pic]

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[100418] Sungmin and Friends at Restaurant

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[100528] Stalking Heechul – Going for Music Bank

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[100526] Stalking Kyuhyun on Airplane

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Super Junior Schedule until 2010 June 26th [Update]

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[100527] Music Show - Sungmin [Pic]

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[100528] Music Bank - Siwon [Pic]

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[100528] Trending Topics @Twitter

Congratulations to Super Junior for the 2nd win @ KBS Music Bank
Y'all have a blast showing off the trophy for the 2nd time!!!!

[100528] Super Junior Bonamana 2nd Win on Music Bank



Winning K-Chart + Encore Stage

credit: unknownCarrot110 @ yt

[100528] Shindong's Twitter Avatar Update

1st tweet;
오늘은 뮤직뱅크있는날!! 가요프로그램!! 많이들시청해주세요 가수들이 노래부를수있는 무대가 만치않아요~~ 한국가요 사랑해주세요^^
The Day for the Music Bank today! It's the program! Many of the kids, please watch the stage jazz singers sing a song ~ ~ Please love Korea^ ^

2nd tweet;
프로필사진!! 짠!!
Profile picture! Boom!

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[100528] Donghae's Twitter Update

주님...제가 주님과 함께하길 원하며. 주님의 눈으로 세상을 보길 원하며, 제가 아플때 주님의 사랑으로 그 아픔을 씻겨주길 원합니다. 지금 이 시련도 제가 어떠한 방법으로 이겨내는지 지켜봐주세요. 이것 또한 주님의 계획이라 생각합니다.감사합니다
Lord... I want the Lord to be with me. Want the world to look into the eyes of the Lord, I'm sick with love of the Lord wants me to wash the pain. Now the trials if I fight it in any way please stay tuned. This plan also think of the Lord, thank you.

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4th Album's Posters [Version A and B]

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Super Junior 2nd Fansigning Days [Schedule]

This is the 3rd and 4th Fansigning.
Date: June 3 at 4 PM
Members Attending: Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung, Sungmin
At: 부산 동래문화회관 소극장
Date: June 3 at 7PM
Members Attending: Donghae, Ryeowook, Yesung, Sungmin
cr: smtown + sapphirepearls

Super Junior 3rd Fansigning Days [Schedule]

These are the 5th and 6th fansigning events.
Date: June 5 at 5:30PM
Members attending: Leeteek, Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk
Date: June 5 at 7:30 PM
Members attending: Leeteek, Heechul, Shindong, Eunhyuk
cr: smtown + sapphirepearls

[270510] Zhou Mi SINA Update

周觅_SJM:Kinda miss the days of being a student, really wish that there is a chance to return back to the school to study… Rushed back to Beijing for today’s exam, was hugging* the textbook the whole time yesterday when (I) was having meeting with Manager, resulting in my brain being filled with alphabets now. Feels like a high-schooler keke… Jiayou Jiayou**!!

T/N: * Hugging: Means to keep holding on to the textbook
** Jiayou: Hwaiting in chinese
Credit: Zhou Mi SINA Wei Bo
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The Making of 미인아 (Bonamana) MV [Eng Sub]

credit: bofrox96 @ yt

Behind The Scenes with Super Junior

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[100528] Eunhyuk's Twitter Update

열심히 운동 중....몸짱 될 기세... 아닌가?... 그냥 멸치탈피 ㅋㅋㅋ
During hard be muscular force... is it not?.. Anchovies just break ㅋㅋㅋ

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뮤뱅리허설와쑴!! 보석미남은 아침부터 자체발광중^^
at MuBank rehearsal!! Jewel guy luminating even in the morning^^

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Super Junior 미인아 (Bonamana) Debuts on MYX DAILY TOP 10!

As expected, Superstar K-Pop Group Super Junior’s latest single “Bonamana”, taken from their 4th album, entered MYX Daily Top Top (May 28) at #4. Pinoy ELFs have been waiting for this music video to premiere on Philippine television since its debut on Korea two weeks ago! MYX is the FIRST music channel in the country to air this music video during last night’s Super Junior Extended Special on Asia MYX. Will this be Super Junior’s THIRD NUMBER ONE music video on MYX after “It’s You” and “Sorry Sorry-Answer”? To date, “Bonamana” music video has been viewed more than 2.2 million times on SME YouTube channel alone!
“Bonamana” has been receiving amazing response since its release and has broken the record for selling the most albums in the shortest amount of time. They have sold 100,000 albums after 8 days from album release! Universal Records is gearing up the release of their 4th album (both Version A and Version B) and watch out for further announcements regarding EXCLUSIVE FREEBIES and ALBUM LAUNCH EVENT. It’s going to be so worth the wait!
Super Junior is the FIRST and ONLY K-Pop Group to have FOUR NUMBER ONE ALBUMS in the Philippines – “Sorry Sorry” in September 2009, “Super Girl” by subgroup Super Junior-M in November 2009, “Super Show 2 Live Album” in February 2010 and “Don’t Don” in May 2010 !

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[100527] James’s Twitpic Update (With Donghae)

With DH,SH @caffee Bene!!!enjoying our nite!!동해랑 상현이랑..잼있게 수다떨기…
 With DH,SH @caffee Bene!!!enjoying our nite!! a good time chatting with donghae...

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we don't who james is. perhaps he's one of donghae's close friend? because donghae tweet to him.

Proof that Kim Heechul is a Wonder Girls Fan

‘Proof that Kim HeeChul is a WonderGirls fan’?

Super Junior Kim HeeChul’s recent photos taken on his radio show SBS Kim HeeChul’s Power Street have been garnering much interests amongst netizens on portal community sites. In one of the photos, he was holding on to WonderGirls’ latest ’2 Different Tears’ album and the caption to the photo says, “Hee DJ is in love with these – ‘The girl who wears high heels’ and Wondergirls ’2 Different Tears’… I’m also in love with WonderGirls who released ’2 Different Tears’.”

In another photo revealed, he was seen doing the signature ‘Tell Me’ by dance pose his favourite member SoHee.

Meanwhile, SoHee recently said on a variety show that she is thankful that Kim Heechul has chosen her as his ideal type.

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[100527] SUKIRA - DJ Eunhyuk & Leeteuk

Talking about Satori and Mention abiut Donghae's Satori

Singing Leeteuk

Song Cut - Ryeowook (One Fine Spring Day)

credit; delantobekky @ yt

[100527] Sungmin's Twitter Update

아고 요즘 체력이 왜이럴까...조금만 움직여도 힘이없어ㅠㅠ피곤하다...졸려조금만 자고 일어나서 녹음해야지~
Aigoo why has my stamina been like this lately… even if I move a little I have no energyㅠㅠTired…SleepyI have to sleep a little because I have to get up and do recording~

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[100527] Eunhyuk's Twitpic Update

라디오가는길에한컷! 차안에서의 셀카는 역시 잘나와^^
A shot taken on the way to radio! Shots taken inside the car really come out well^^

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