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[100518] Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry

2010.05.18 05:07

The feeling is a little weird… Setting out with the feelings of debut…
So nervous until (I) can’t even sleep properly…
3 days 5 hours? Almost not sleeping? … T T.
The thighs and knees are a little bruised, did not sleep properly (and) face was a little swollen…
Really in this life that is not that good, did my very best in order to have the most perfect stage…
There is little pity (in the stage) ~~~~~~~~~ even though it was already very remarkable….
The moment (I was) standing on the stage, the tears is coming out….
Although I managed to hold back.. ^^
Now even feel like crying when looking at me on the stage with all of the members…
The seats that are filled with sapphire blue… If (I) cry the eyeliner will come off… So I hold it back…ㅋㅋ
Hoping/Awaiting for good results.. Although it is definately..
Even if that is not the case, also want to do the activities properly without regret…
As compared to others, I want to enjoy the stage I am on…
I want to become the brightest light on the stage…
The other members are really too handsome… Not that shiny during most of the time..ㅋㅋ
Also, really want to see our ELF… alot ~~~~~!!! ^^
Protecting us/Being with us like that… Thank you ^^
See me once per day!!!!!
We are!!!!!! Super Juni~~~or!!!!!

credit: Lee Hyukjae’s cyworld + 银赫家族
chinese translation: 小白
english translation: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
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[100518] Shindong and Donghae's Twitpic Update

김희철의 영스트리트 오늘슈퍼주니어오지롱!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/13fw9bj
Super Junior is coming today to Kim Heechul's Young Street!!!!^^ http://yfrog.com/13fw9bj

지금 희철이형 영스트리트 왔어요^^ 우리 DJ희님 ㅎㅎㅎhttp://twitpic.com/1ouhdt
We just arrived at Kim Heechul-hyung's Young Street^^ Our DJ Heenim http://twitpic.com/1ouhdt

source; @ShinsFriends, @Heedictator
translation by; @TwELFs

[100518] Eeteuk's Twitter Update - Message to Henry

@henrylau89헨리야 곡때문에그런거니까빨리연락해!!!!급해!!!!녹음해야하니까 시간이없다!!!!
@henrylau89 Hey Henry contact me quickly for the song!!!!It’s urgent!!!!It must be recorded because there’s no time!!!!

source; @special1004
Translated by Gaia @ SJ-WORLD.NET

what song are they talking about?? the repackage album perhaps?

[100519] Heechul YoungStreet with Super Junior

the boys came in;

Super Junior's Introduction;

Ryeowook - One Fine Spring's performance live;

Yesung - It Has To Be You performance live;

ending+taking picture's group;

Credit: sj4jib @ yt, LaCrymaMosa @ yt

[100518] Heechul's Twitpic Updates with FO2

http://spic.kr/WO1tuM 성격 대 미모 비율이 훌륭하고 분칠했을 때보다 맨얼굴이 훨씬 예쁜 윤아ㅡ 마주치기만 하면 할머니, 아저씨 하며 사이좋게 헐뜯지만 내가 본 여자연예인 중 가장 예쁘다ㅡ 우리 둘은 다정한 개상극

http://spic.kr/WO1tuM She’s got a great personality and beauty, but I like her bare face better than when she has any make up on. Even though I’ve encountered times when she would be spoken ill of by the grandmothers and ajusshis, she is the prettiest female entertainer I’ve even seen.

http://spic.kr/od1tYp 사진찍기 싫어하고 도도한 희범이와 달리 싼티작렬인 뱅신이~ 난 아직 에펙스와 찍은 사진이 세명 더 있다 굿 ㅡ 천만 팔로우 때 올려야지

http://spic.kr/wWxirl 나랑 융은 아이돌계의 장동민 신봉선팀이 되고 싶다ㅡ 훈훈하면서도 서로를 줘패는 아름다운 캐릭ㅋㅋ 재밌겠지?ㅋ 쉬는 시간땐 실컷하는데 ㅋㅋ 참고로 내 손가락 ㅗ 이거 아님 나도 ㅛ 이렇게 했는데 짤린거임

source; @Heedictator

Super Junior Yamaha Fino BTS

Credit: loveleeteuk CB + s-u-j-u.net
Reuploaded by RaiBaka @ yt

[100518] Hangeng Secretly Attends Press Conference

Hangeng secretly attends Press Conference, returns to Mainland by releasing new album.

Before the start of the press conference, there were rumors, that a secret guest will appear, and present his new album there, but the organizers of the press conference didn't confirm it. Therefore, all the reporters there looked forward to it. MC Da Zuo teased the reporters, "Not only does he have a handsome appearance and excellent vocals. In recent years, his popularity is climbing higher and higher. By helping South Korea's Entertainment Company open up the Chinese Market, he also proved to many his value in the Music Industry. He who is returning to the Music Industry, will rise a flag for the potential Idol singers in China!"

At this time, the Press below the stage already guessed that today's secret guest is Super Junior's Former Chinese Member Hangeng. After Hangeng came on stage, he immediately presented his new album to attend this "Red Bull New Energy Music Plan", hoping to have more people know and care about original music, with his own actions. He also hopes that other Musicians with talents can join this event.


credit: sohu
& 눈웃음 (: @ sj-world.net !
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[100518] Henry and Donghae's Twitpic Update

Family and I went to a wedding today! That's me and my little sister!http://twitpic.com/1osm2z

Family and I went to a wedding today! That's me and my little sister!http://twitpic.com/1osm63

비오는날 은해 2번째 사진 ㅎㅎㅎ http://twitpic.com/1osmuq
Eunhae in the second picture on the rainy day ㅎㅎㅎ http://twitpic.com/1osmuq

@henrylau89 Henry I miss u call me man^^ take care man

because of donghae posted this photo, Eunhae is now trending again. ;p

Source; @henrylau89, @donghae861015
translation; honeymoney
*the tweets without hangeul words are bcos they tweet in english*

Nocturnal Visits SUKIRA

credit; SujuEcho @ yt, sujuism.blogspot.com

Jay Park's New Cover and New Twitter Account

Jay's now has his own twitter account.
he once asked, if he make twitter and facebook account, would the fans be his friends.
and i think maybe he got a lot of feedbacks and started to sign up on twitter.
so after this might be facebook. ;)

source; jayparkaom @ yt

[100518] Heechul's Twitpic Update with Luna

http://spic.kr/eRve4o 노래 정말 잘하고 말 진짜 잘하는 루나 ㅋㅋ 아 졸려ㅡㅡ

Luna did very well at the end of the song ㅋㅋ oh sleepy ㅡㅡ

Source; @Heedictator
Translation; honeymoney

Super Junior 4th Album Version B Cover

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[100517] SUKIRA - Eunhyuk and Eeteuk's Epic Kissing

credit; SuperTing18 @ yt

When James Cameron, Samsung and SM meet and team up

From left, SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo-man, Hollywood film director James Cameron, Samsung Electronics visual display division president Yoon Boo-keun, Cameron’s 3D partner Vince Pace pose upon arriving for the “3D Contents-Related Cooperation Plan” event held at Samsung’s office in the Seocho district of Seoul, South Korea on May 14, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

Through the film “Avatar,” director James Cameron made it possible for the world to enjoy a new visual experience called 3D. And now he is preparing another innovation that will surprise us on the small screen. James Cameron signed a partnership with Samsung Electronics, who he confidently describes as “having the best 3DTV display technology in the world” and SM Entertainment, who says they “have been making 3D movies since [Korea's first idol group] H.O.T. days ten years ago,” to co-develop contents for their 3DTV project.
All eyes were on the press conference for “3D Leadership Collaboration,” held at Seoul’s Samsung offices in Seocho district on May 14, as “Avatar” director James Cameron, President Yoon Boo-keun of Samsung’s Visual Display Division and producer Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment attended the event. Director James Cameron, who is the so-called front-runner of 3D contents development, stated that “Samsung is the global leader of 3DTV and I have worked hard on developing cameras and creating contents” and that it was “natural for the leaders of both sides to cooperate.” President Yoon Boo-keun also explained that he “will increase contents that people can enjoy through strategic alliances with partners in film, animation, sports and television” and revealed his determination to “provide consumers with 3D-produced music videos and concerts through a triangle collaboration with ‘Avatar’ producers and SM Entertainment.”
Through this collaboration, the producers behind “Avatar” will shoot SM artists’ — including BoA, TVXQ and Super Junior — music videos and concerts in 3D format while Samsung will use those 3D contents in its marketing plan for 3DTV. Producer Lee Soo-man of SM Entertainment could hardly hide his excitement, even quoting the famous [Yoko Ono] quote “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” He expressed his anticipation for the partnership, stressing that “3D will be the most important contents in the future” and that “SM Entertainment will produce and proudly present contents that will go beyond Asia and out into the entire world. My heart is overwhelmed by the thought. I was so excited that I couldn’t get any sleep last night.” About SM’s numerous attempts in the past to produce 3D contents — including H.O.T.’s 2000 film “Age of Peace”, TVXQ concerts and Girls Generation’s music videos — Lee explained that he considered those attempts as “practice for the future,” revealing the thirst he had for 3D contents all these years.
From left, TVXQ member Max Changmin and U-Know Yunho, BoA and SM Entertainment CEO Kim Young-min looks at a 3D video at the “3D Contents-Related Cooperation Plan” event held at Samsung’s office in the Seocho district of Seoul, South Korea on May 14, 2010. [Lee Jin-hyuk/10Asia]

To produce 3D contents, Samsung Electronics has been maintaining mutual-assistance system with “Avatar” production team since last year. For the 3D LED TV’s global launch event, held last March at New York’s Times Square, Samsung and the “Avatar” team produced a 3D version of global hip-hop group Black Eyed Peas’ live performance and used it in the marketing plan. Starting this June, the producers are officially going to start producing BoA, TVXQ and other artists’ music videos and concerts in 3D format. In addition, Samsung is planning to keep its leading position in 3D market by making the music videos created by “Avatar” producers into 3D blue ray titles, run demonstrations at Samsung Electronics’ 3DTV stores worldwide and give them to 3DTV buyers. Thurs, perhaps it was only natural that director James Cameron, who said “‘Avatar’ was successful but we are still running short of 3D titles and need to quickly develop the contents,” chose Korea’s electronics giant Samsung and SM Entertainment as his strategic partners since both companies are quick to adapt to the future of 3D visual industry.
However, it is too early to celebrate and pop the champagne on 3DTV. 3D still has the inconvenience of having to watch while wearing 3D glasses and some viewers have voiced headaches and dizziness from watching 3D. Another problem is how to minimize eyes exhaustion that comes from watching more than five minutes — or more or less, depending on the content — of 3D footage. As the solution to above problem, the government has offered the no-glasses-necessary 3DTV, which will be commercialized within five years, but Samsung Electronics — the developer of 3DTV — is actually skeptical about it. President Yoon Boo-keun criticized the idea, saying “Even now we can watch 3D without glasses but the resolution is quite low” and that “based on the calculation that we increase the current resolution of 55-inch TV by four times, the panel price alone would reach tens of millions of won.” President Yoon emphasized that while such a high-price equipment could be affordable for public places, he “expects that it will take a considerable amount of time to develop such technology fit for households.” What is important, he again stressed, is the resolution, not whether viewers need to wear 3D glasses. Can 3DTV really emerge as a new device that would replace flat-screen 2DTV?

Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven@
Editor : Lynn Kim lynn2878@, Jessica Kim jesskim@, Lee Ji-Hye seven@
<ⓒ10Asia All rights reserved>
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SJ 4th Album #1 Weekly Chart Sweep, 70000 Record Sales in 5 days

Super Junior has sweeped various weekly music charts with their 4th album.
On the 13th, Super Junior has conquered daily charts in various CD sales charts including Hot Tracks and Yes24 and even conquered weekly charts (Second week of May.)
Super Junior who has gotten a lot of attention with the pre-order sales of 200000 CDs has sold over 70000 CDs at Hanteo Chart becoming the top CD sales in the fastest time in 2010 showing their power as the album king.
Meanwhile, Super Junior is gaining many people’s attention with their masculine appearance and charismatic performance at the comeback stage. Afterward, they are expected to actively work with “Miinah.”
Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

Eunhyuk Sidebar Update and Left Comment on Donghae's Cyworld


너 요새 4집할동보다 트의터 할동도 열심히 하는거 같애 (내 사랑...이혁재)
From what I've seen from 4th album activities, you spend more time on Twitter (My love...Lee Hyukjae)

source; Eunhyuk and Donghae's Cyworld
translation; honeymoney
screencap; honeymoney

Shindong is Resigning from MBC BboBboBbo

yesterday was Shindong’s last filming of MBC PoPoPo (BboBboBbo) Ai Joa as he’s focusing more on the 4th album. Here is the official statement from SM Entertainment.

An SM Entertainment representative confirmed on May 17th that Super Junior’s Shindong would be leaving behind his role as MC on the popular children’s show MBC Bbo Bbo Bbo.
The spokesperson told Newsen, “Shindong is resigning as MC on Bbo Bbo Bbo. Today (the 17th) is his last recording.”
This ends three years of endless fun with the adorable MC since Shindong took up the role in April 2007. He’s left this position in favor of promoting Super Junior’s fourth album, BONAMANA.
Shindong’s replacement has not be decided as of yet.

Source: Park SaeYeon @newsen.com
Translation: mocha @kpoplive.com

W Korea Magazine

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