Thursday, May 13, 2010

[100513] Eunhyuk's Message to ELF (feat Sungmin)


Hello everyone, I am Super Junior’s Eunhyuk. We are Super Juni-or-e-yo~ Super Junior’s 4thalbum has finally been released. In order to repay everyone’s patience throughout these times, we really prepared the album with all our hearts, and hope that everyone will like it. Myself, gave all of my effort in this 4th album, so if everyone doesn’t like it, I will die of exhaustion, so must love it tons ok?
This 4th album’s main focus should be me (Sungmin: Joking…) I’m really very handsome (Sungmin: It’s me it’s me) It’s me, it’s me (Sungmin: It’s me Sungmin Sungmin) Yes yes, everyone please don’t be too bothered.

This May we will be having our first performance and really wish to see the audience being filled with fans. Because it has been a long time not seeing everyone, I really miss all of you. Hope everyone will cheer for us, and hope that everyone will be here to see Super Junior change the music era again.

Sungmin: Will let the whole world be shock
Eunhyuk: Will let everyone be surprised, hope everyone will like Super Junior’s 4th album and hope everyone will like me best!

Sungmin: The second one is Sungmin

Eunhyuk: That is Sungmin hyung.

Eunhyuk: I am Super Juniors EunhyukSungmin: I am Sungmin

Eunhyuk: Really can do nothing about you hyung~Sungmin: Can~

Eunhyuk: If you want to do it do it yourself

Sungmin: Why? Together~~

Eunhyuk: I am Super Junior’s Eunhyuk

Sungmin: I am Sungmin
We are Super Juni-or-e-yo~

Chinese translation: 大爱13只小溪@Eunhyuk’s baidu

English translation: minoko2440 @

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