Wednesday, May 19, 2010

[100519] Shindong and Donghae's Twitter Update,Eunhyuk Got Twitter Account

오늘 kbs 3D tv 축하쇼를 여의도공원에서 하네요 리허설마치고 한컷!! 이따봐용 ㅎ^^ 생방일꺼에욥!! 컨셉!! 나불쌍해!!!!
 Today's kbs 3D tv celebration show is at YeoYiDo park. A photo after the rehearsal!! See you guys laterㅎ^^ It will probably be live show!! Concept!! I'm pitiful!!!!

@AllRiseSilver 은혁아!!!! 트디어 트윗을시작했구나!!!! 축한닷!! 여러분 슈퍼주니어 은혁이 트위터를 시작햤어요 많이들 팔로우햐주세용^^
EunHyuk ah!!!! you've finally started twitter!!! congrats!! everyone Super Junior EunHyuk is on twitter please follow him^^


Eunhyuk; 은혁이트위터한다아아아앗!!!!!!!!!!!!! EunHyuk is starting twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Da jia hao wo shi dong hai hao jiu bu jian da jia ai wo men de BoNaMaNa. Ni men shi wo men de chuan bu wo ai ni men
Hi everyone I am Donghae. Long time no see. Does everyone like our Bonamana? You are my everything I love you.

Super Junior has taken over Twitter again for 6 trending topics in the same time! Super Junior should win an award for this. lol^^

source; @AllRiseSilver, @ShinsFriends, @donghae861015
translation; @TwELFs

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