Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[110510] Donghae's Message to ELF

Super Junior, together with 4th album, has return to the center of everyone. 
I am Super Junior’s Fishy Donghae. 
To the fans and ELFs that has been waiting for our comeback, thank you for waiting for us whole-heartedly. 
In order to show everyone a perfect album, we put in alot of preparation (effort) in this 4th album, and hope that it will become an album that our ELFs are really really really really really proud of (happy with). 
Am Curious which song everyone will like, and everyone also guess which is my favourite song. 
If everyone is able to choose their favourite song, we will use it as an event preparation during future activities and show it to everyone. 
So hope that everyone can like our Title Song first. Super Junior’s 4th album is in the hands of everyone! Everyone don’t cheat and must be together always. 
I love you all, every sapphire-blue kids, ELFs, I love you all. 
Hope that everyone will be together with Super Junior forever. 
Super Junior’s Donghae

Source; Super Junior's Official Website
Credit: 海世代
Chinese Trans: Coco
English Trans: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com

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