Sunday, May 30, 2010

Donghae Complains About Shin HyunJun

It seems like Super Junior’s Donghae is complaining about HyunJun because he won’t buy him food. Donghae claimed, “Shin HyunJun told me to call him, and that he’d buy me food, but he never picked up my call.”

Who wouldn’t be attempted to complain when one promises free food but never obliged? Apparently, HyunJun was in the studio watching the interview and responded, “I want to answer his call, but I’m sleeping when you call at 3~4 in the morning,” causing much laughter in the set. Try aiming for a better time to call if you want free food Donghae! The episode also showed MC Lee SiYoung smiling after glancing at LeeTeuk’s abs so try not to miss the episode if you want more Super Junior goodies.

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