Monday, May 24, 2010

EunHae Moments During Fanmeeting

1. During Boom Boom, Eunhyuk  took off his clothes. When it was Bonamana time, he didnt have enough time to wear it back. He danced topless. Then Donghae went over and put Eunhyuk’s clothes over Eunhyuk. And “helped” him to wear. Eunhyuk went one side to wear it then returned back to dancing.

2. During personal Item introduction, Eunhyuk asked if he should give his pillow to the fans. Donghae says “that pillow is mine!”

3. During Donghae’s intro of personal item, he got a picture of sapphireblue sea. He says SJ belongs to ELF. Teuk asked him who does he belong to, Hae said softly (almost whispering) Eunhyuk’s.

4. The 2nd fanmeeting later that afternoon, Siwon’s turn to whack Eunhyuk. He whacked super hard. After whacking, Donghae ran over and hug/wrap his hands around Eunhyuk’s head. Like heartpain. Note: siwon n donghae is a team. Donghae was supposed to punish Eunhyuk’s team.

5. There was one part where Eunhyuk and Donghae were on this thing and the staffs staffs were pushing them from 2 ends towards each other. When they “met”, they naturally hugged!

CREDITS: 你好 我的爱 + 710 的缘分 || Translations by minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls
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