Monday, May 17, 2010

Heechul, Appearance of an Idol, Appetite of an Uncle?

On the 6th, a picture appeared on SBS Radio PowerFM (107.7mhz)’s Heechul’s Young Street website gallery, which surprisingly showed Heechul’s large appetite.
In the picture, Heechul was happy and contented to see the kimchi, chicken feet and rice wine etc that had been given to him as presents.
Youngstreet’s staff said, “When he was in the resting room, he happily spread out all the food like in a feast. This is what Hee DJ looks like when he’s eating packed lunch and chicken feet– ‘Drink some rice wine too.’ and thus i drank some too.”

He then added, “No matter what, this program is Heechul’s Youngstreet, and ‘chicken feet and rice wine are not bad’ had let netizens have a good laugh.
Netizens who had seen the pictures commented, “I am happy to see Heechul eating so happily”, and also “Seeing him eat is making me hungry!” and other comments

Original article: 
Korea Star Daily
English translation: yuxinnn @

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