Friday, May 28, 2010

Proof that Kim Heechul is a Wonder Girls Fan

‘Proof that Kim HeeChul is a WonderGirls fan’?

Super Junior Kim HeeChul’s recent photos taken on his radio show SBS Kim HeeChul’s Power Street have been garnering much interests amongst netizens on portal community sites. In one of the photos, he was holding on to WonderGirls’ latest ’2 Different Tears’ album and the caption to the photo says, “Hee DJ is in love with these – ‘The girl who wears high heels’ and Wondergirls ’2 Different Tears’… I’m also in love with WonderGirls who released ’2 Different Tears’.”

In another photo revealed, he was seen doing the signature ‘Tell Me’ by dance pose his favourite member SoHee.

Meanwhile, SoHee recently said on a variety show that she is thankful that Kim Heechul has chosen her as his ideal type.

Credits: sookyeong @ KBITES (here)
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