Saturday, May 22, 2010

Siwon and Donghae will be Making Hearts Skip Beats

For fans of Yoshiki Nakamura’s manga Skip Beat! this may or may not be some good news. After waiting a year for the appropriate leads to be casted, looks like Ariel Lin need wait no longer for her leading man. It’s finally been confirmed that Super Junior’s Siwon andDonghae will be joining the actress in Taiwan’s adaptation of the beloved manga.
Lin, who has worked with the two before for her music video Fireflies, has graduated with a degree in Korean, so communication shouldn’t be so much of a problem between the three. As a reader of the manga I can say I’m kind of pleased with this, though if the two are going to be the leads then looks like Donghae’s going to be Shou.
What are you’re thoughts? Excited? Nervous? Raging?
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