Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Super Junior’s Sungmin Talking About EunHae On UFO Town

thanks to tumblr… i have a new site where i can get more news about super junior
hahaha. i’m so happy coz i having fun with that site.
wish me luck to have more friends there
Sungmin talking about EunHae on UFO Town

Sungmin and Donghae on UFO. Sides. @soompi posted this link and a translation:
Fans send in questions and they answer it, and i guess the question was “what do you think of skinship?”
So Donghae is like “yeah skinship… hyungs and dongsaengs, when theyre like sleeping i go ‘wake upppppp’ *pats sungmin’s butt* and pat their butts to tell them to wake up. to my friends eunhyuk and shiwon i give them a hug and tell them to wake up~”
And Sungmin is like interrupting him saying IS THAT ALLLLL? NOOOOOO
and then the MC butts in and is like i think i’ve seen your shows where you guys kiss each other and stuff…
and THEN Min is like “OHH~ Donghae keeps kissing Eunhyuk, I’m starting to suspect something. When Eunhyuk is sleeping Donghae secretly crawls into his bed and hugs him from the back and he acts like he’s going in to his room to wake him up, but later we find out that they’re hugging and both sleeping. Donghae reaaaaaaally likes skinship~”

WOOT WOOT!!O_O!!!!!!

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  1. Ah~ That's so cute!! I love EunHae. Thanks for posting this! I never would have known about this. :D