Monday, June 7, 2010

[100606] Super Junior at Singapore [Fan Account]

Hi! I will be doing a fan account so you guys know what happened during sj's visit to Singapore ! Ok so..... 

Just for your information, there are 2 places that elfs went before they arrive in sg.. One is the. showcase venue which is a newly built building where the casino, hotel and shopping centre are. The second one is the airport. My schedule for the day was to follow them so in other words, STALK. ^heehee I arrived at the airport at 11 and there were around 100 elfs there scattered around the place. My friend told me that she went to the showcase venue at 8 am and the queue was almost 3/4 full!! I believe they camped there.... Hahhaa. Anyway, we sg elfs all knew that our boys will be coming out from the VIP secret passage way but still, many came to try their luck. Honestly, I'm quite touched because their chances to see sj was 5%..... More elfs started coming and they were at least 500 elfs there.( do not be surprised by the small no. Because I believe the airport will be packed full by elfs if they were coming out from the front) i left quickly as soon as we know that sj had arrived and because we were in a van, we were able to wait at the gate of the VIP exit. Do not be surprised or scared but there were at least 15- 20 vans waiting for them . There were also 50 over fans waiting there( I do not know how they manage to walk there!) finally, SJ came out and there was a massive 'traffic jam' there because of the vans. Everybody wanted to catch a glimpse of SJ, which was obvious. I didn't manage to see any of them because their curtain was closed. ( a funny fact: many cars were trapped in b/w mountains, which was all the vans hahhah. They had no idea what was going on, some even thought we were the security vans, protecting some VIP ) Siwon pulled the curtain and he was wearing a cap and fedora?? shirt. Awesome! Someone saw a guy tying his hair which we guess was Minnie or shindong. 

Soon, they entered the showcase carpark. I went into the mall and I saw this long queue of elfs( those going for showcase) and the mall was practically filled with elfs. We went to another side and there was a big screen playing bonamana, sorry sorry , neorago and suju's message for Singapore. There were big blocks of letters ' SUPER JUNIOR' I believe they are the ones in music bank during the sorry sorry period. All the fans were crowding there hoping to see them. I waited there from 3 o clock till 6 o clock because they said super junior was going to come out from there. In the end after 3 hours of waiting, we got chased away by the security. The elfs who are going for the showcase ran in after they were let in( over excitement). We were really hungry because we didn't eat the whole day so we went to eat. The showcase was suppose to end at 10 o clock but all of a sudden, we received phone calls at 8.40 from our friends that the showcase was over. We rushed back to the venue and yes, the elfs already came out. We waited for some time and Sj bus finally came out and I saw a guy filming inside. I guess it's y star or tvn?? They were filming us instead of them. We really hope they will stop by any restaurant to eat since it ended early than expected. To our disappointment, they went straight to the airport. I finally managed to catch a glimpse of eunhyuk........'s hat. -.- 

Eunhyuk was really tired and he was sleeping at the back of the bus. Hae was sitting in front of him.!!
We reached the airport and we saw sj's bus entering the VIP way and there goes sj......byeeeeeee.
Many people cried because like after 5 years, we saw them. There were many elfs who didn't go to any of the venue because they know they won't see them so..... This visit doesn't really make a difference. But to those who saw them, they can die with no regrets :))

I heard from my friends that eunhyuk touched hae's hair during the showcase and heechul slapped shindong's butt? Hahaha . Normally hae will give lots of fan service
but he was quite still today . Heechul was in a bad mood because of the antis msg to his phone. Teuk was smiling all the way as expected !! They celebrated wookie's birthday and they smeared the cream on his face!!! Teukie pick the confetti on the floor and threw it on wook's head.By the way, they sang 5 songs. Bonamana. Sorry sorry , rokugo , yesung' s ost solo and the last one I'm not sure.

All in all, I was super disappointed because I spent money to chase and I didn't catch a glimpse of anyone of them..... Haiz.....ohoh! I remember seeing china
fans there and they were from elfish, donghae's baidu bar.

All right. I shall stop here because i typed all this with my iPhone and I think my thumb needs to be sent to the hospital soon... Hope you have enjoyed reading my fan account!!

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thanks for sharing! ^^


  1. i am sure all fans are disappointed! RITS was doing this the first time and don't know about the way the korean management handle such showcases or concerts. maybe SM asked for more money so they have no choice but to cut short everything. this is the fastest showcase i've known! i pity all those fans and they must have felt cheated!

  2. 1. they sang bonamana, it has to be you by yesung, rokkugo, pajama party and sorry sorry

    2. heechul was in a bad mood? he looked kinda lively cos there was this section they were talking a lot and heechul shouted leeteuk's name for two questions with a happy face.

    3. during rokkugo he looked very happy too

    i went to the showcase so i knew.

    how did you know he received antis messages?

  3. @jiayi, you can check his previous tweet and sungmin.