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[100614] Oh! My lady @ Play Magazine June Issue

This month's hottest : Sung Min Woo!
Which star is the most famous in Korea now?
Choi Siwon? Wrong! Even Siwon says he's this person's fan!
Now's most popular, hottest, talk of the crowd, seen in 90% of places is
What? Do you want to meet him?
Then you better call Manager Yoon Gae Hwa! Her phone number is (#$&*@^#&@*!(#@*&#^@& ... !

Only the word HANDSOME can be used to describe him
If it wasn't for PLAY having a bit of popularity in Korea, if we didn't have a whole load of connections, Sung Min Woo's interview wouldn't be possible. Is Sung Min Woo that busy? Manager Yoo Gae Hwa laughs while showing his schedule "See for yourself... I'm not not letting you conduct an interview, Min Woo really needs to work every day. I managed to squeeze out 2 hours for you!" Yes, this person who is even more handsome than Choi Siwon, is right in front of me now ...
The first time I saw the great Sung Min Woo, Oh God! In my heart I screamed 300 times the word "HOT!", he was unbelievably hot. I could not take his eyes off him and I didn't want to ask any unnecessary questions. But if the interview contained repeated the word "HOT" would fans agree? (Editor: I would be the first one not to agree!) Would Sung Min Woo think that PLAY is insincere? Two hours of an interview with PLAY only containing the word "hot" ? I only see him laugh and say "That's creative! But apart from the word 'hot' you can recommend to taiwanese friends. You can catch it on Star Chinese Channel from 9pm on June 21!"

Super Noona-Dongsaeng love, an even sweeter love story
The Kdrama is romantic and sweet, story is told about a 30+ single mother, to support her daughter, randomly and luckily becomes an assistant nanny of an A-class celebrity. She is not used to such important matters, so arguments occur and the two bicker so mch, even going to the "I think I like you a bit.." relationship. In the end this becomes a love story! This drama and Sung Min Woo is greatly anticipated in Taiwan and hope everyone understands him more through this drama. "I tried very hard to portray this character in the correct way, thanks to the director and writers that gave me this chance, not only because I managed to gain valuable experience, but also because I got the chance to work with many seniors in the industry, that's the best part for me!" Sung Min Woo says. Manager Yoon Gae Hwa says "yes! He has spent a lot of time doing a good job for , to concentrate on his character, Min Woo has cleared his schedule and managed to concentrate fully on his drama. He's very serious about it, so please pay more attention!"

Choi Siwon : Sung Min Woo (Korean Class-A Celebrity)
A perfect appearance and body with no flaws at all, he became a star. But the more popular he becomes, the more cocky his personality becomes...nonono, its the more of his own thoughts he has. Always thinking that he is right, he changed several cycles of managers. The newest manager he has is called Yoon Gae Hwa, apart from being a standard ajhumma, her demands are too over-the-top for Min Woo to stand! But this manager ajhumma keeps lingering in this tho .... god! He has millions of fans, how can he be seeing and thinking about this "flower*" all the time?

Chae Rim : Yoon Gae Hwa (Manager)
A strong and optimistic ajhumma! Although she has experienced a failed marriage, she still happily raises her own daughter. She becomes an idol's manager because of financial difficulties. With a nice and hardworking personality, she uses all her might to build Min Woo's image. But one day, Gae Hwa suddenly finds that she has fallen in love with the pompous idol and on the other hand, the president of Min Woo's agency likes her. Oh no! Oh no! Could this be true? This young mother is actually liked by Big star Min Woo and 's president!

Lee Hyun Woo : Yoo Shi Joon (President of the agency)
Young and talented company president, stable and sensibly handsome appearance has caused many ladies to fall for this man. Too bad his wife had an affair and didn't cherish him. The first time he met Gae Hwa, Shi Joon felt like electricity was running through him and thought: "This is the person I want!". But towards this happy ajhumma, does he want to take a step further? Now it seems like he wants to ....

Park Han Byul : Hong Yoo Ra (Fashion brand marketing executive)
Beauty and intelligence packed into one. Gave up her relationship with Min Woo because of her dream to go overseas and study. After coming back she became the sales and marketing executive, coincidentally, she became Sung Min Woo's image consultant. Seeing how much Min Woo's career has blossomed, Yoo Ra suddenly gets the idea of getting Min Woo back. Looks like Min Woo's heart is quaking ...

* flower = female/woman

Source: PLAY magazine June Issue 2010
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