Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yonghwa, Siwon and Taecyeon share honest stories on Win Win

Three handsome actor-idols made guest appearances on the June 22nd episode of Win Win - CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa2PM’s Ok Taecyeon, and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon. These three idols expressed their feelings about their recent turn into acting.
Jung Yonghwa expressed his sadness towards people’s biased perspectives of him comparing his character from the hit drama You’re Beautiful with his singing debut in CNBLUE. A lot of netizens poured out biting criticisms.
Yonghwa shared, “I was worried by the character’s image from the drama. First of all, the character that I played out in the drama has a harmless image that doesn’t call out to antis. Ever since then, I tried my best to break this biased view. However, I was sad to see the negative responses from netizens. I didn’t get scarred while I was filming for You’re Beautiful, but it hurt a bit to see me get bashed upon when I started doing something that I’ve always wanted to do, singing.”
Later he added, “I started to wonder why I had to face these criticisms as a singer. But as time progressed, all of the harsh words just made me stronger.”
Meanwhile, Taecyeon expressed his feelings about his acting debut throughCinderella’s Sister. He honestly admitted, “I am quite the timid type, so I was scared about the whole acting thing. To win against my fears, I diligently practiced,” he continued, “I was scared because whenever idol stars start acting, there is a lot of bias that comes along with it. That’s why at first I didn’t really want to act.”
He later said, “Thankfully, a lot of people were supportive. Moon Geun Young noona taught me a lot.” Taecyeon also revealed that Nichkhun helped play out Moon Geun Young’s role as Goo Eun Jo while practicing the script, “Nichkhun kinda resembles Moon Geun Young. We (2pm members) even call him Moon Geun Young.”
On the other hand, Siwon cleared up rumors about rumors of his rich background and his father owning a helicopter. He confessed, “Helicopter? My father does work for a trading company in Japan but doesn’t own a helicopter.” Siwon started to fidget and didn’t know how to respond to his ‘profile’ as a rich family’s son.
As the show went on, Siwon showed off his drumming skills, displaying his talented charm.


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