Thursday, April 29, 2010

5-year Curse

cre; Michelle Fung

Q:There's no news from allkpop.There's no news from SME or SJ.
A:That's normal.Have you heard any news about "TVXQ's lawsuit" before they have arguments with SME?Before H.O.T disbanded,who knew they would broke up?(Fans of them please don't mind.I'm just giving examples)Who can be sure that the band will be together or seperate 1 year later?No one knows the future.

Q:I don't believe this until SJ say that.
A:Reading my message makes you cry already.It's hard to imagine if SJ tell you by their mouths.By the way,most of the time,SJ can't express their actual ideas because they're idols.They have to behave well and take care what they have said(Korean Antis are terrible).They're unable to tell what they want in their hearts.How can you expect them to tell you this?That's why we have to observe by ourselves.

Q:Sub-group will perform while Heechul and Teukie's going to the army for a time.
A:Yes,but what about the other members?When the 2 old members back,younger members have to join the army as well.Don't forget we have 13 members.When will be the day of their reunion?

Q:I don't think 4th album will be the last.SJ won't disband.
A:This is just a RUMOR.I haven't said SJ will disband.However,after 4th album,they probably have solo or sub-group activities instead of working together.It's hard to see the "entire" SJ again.Isn't this the last chance?Think about it.
I believe all of us love SJ.The main reason is:unlike other groups,
SJ is a big family.They are 13 people,work together,play together,laugh together and cry together.It's really sad to see them seperate,right?

Don't ask "What can I do to stop them disbanding?" 
Please ask "What can I do to make the 4th album no.1 and have the best 5th year anniversary?" =========================================
It's simple.The answers are here:
(1)Buy original albums(Version A) which are imported from Korea.Don't buy albums from your own countries.
Reason:Only Korean original albums(Version A) are counted into the Korean sales chart.The albums that buying from your countries are only counted into overseas' sales chart.Make bulk order from Korean music stores is the only way to help the sales volume and make SJ win.
(For more,please refer to the following link:!/note.php?note_id=308348198450)
(2)Register for accounts.
Reason:We need accounts for voting and "trial listen".
(For more,please refer to the following link:!/pages/Get-Ready-for-Super-Juniors-4th-Album-in-2010/332877665637?ref=ts)
While waiting for the 4th album,we are also waiting for a group that have a risk to disband in the unknowable future.
We are fans only.We aren't the one to make decision.We can't stop SJ to disband;We can't stop Hangeng to pursue his own happiness;We can't be sure there will be 5,6,7,8,9,10....Albums. 
(One of my friends is TVXQ's fan.She always reminds me:Let them be the champion by all means when they're still on the stage.)

Please make all your effort to let SJ win in all Korean music ceremonies.
At least they can leave with victory.
If this is going to be the last album,why not make it the best one and end it with the love of all ELF?Why not make sure there's no any regret. 

No one knows the future. 
We can't make too much assumptions.No matter the "5-year curse" is true or not,it's always our duty to make them no.1 before they say 'goodbye' on stage.

Are you ready now?If ever this Rumor is true that this will be the last album of SJ,ELF all Over Asia and Across The Europe must get ready.
We are fans only.We are not the one to make decision.
BUT we are the one to make SJ feel proud of ELF!

Come on!Let's buy Korean albums,vote and do "trial listen"! 
Make 2010 becomes our era!
If you still got questions,feel free to send me a message.I'll reply you as soon as possible.
(I don't think I'm saying something negative.At least the Korean and Chinese ELF feel the same with me.
I swear:What I have said are facts.Sorry again to make you guys cry.Hwaiting for SJ!) 

Recommendable MV:One Love
Some of you may not notice it~~~
(2:56-3:13)Part of the lyrics:SJ to the E,to the H.
[E means Eeuk;H means Hyun]

This song (composed by Eunhyuk) was released in 2008 when the rumor of adding new members went around.Everyone were worried but SJ expressed their feeling and comforted us secretly. 
SEE!SJ has promised us "Only13"!So let's 13elieve^__^

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