Thursday, April 29, 2010

Last chance for ELF,get ready for 4th album and win in 2010!

It has mentioned many many times already,4th album very probably is the last album.
There're so many reasons behind this:Hangeng left,old members have to enroll into army after 4th albums,some members have to continue their career in other aspects like acting(Heechul,Siwon,Kibum) or MC(Leeteuk,Kangin,Shindong,Eunhyuk) ect. Originally,SJ is a multi-talented gruop.They don't focus only on singing and dancing like TVXQ.SM has tried to spread these 13 members into different areas.After the 4th album,they hardly have chance to get together. 

It's hard to explain this very clearly,but one thing for sure,Korean and Chinese ELF are ready for this last album already.How about you?What SJ in your mind is all started from "Sorry Sorry" only.
Please trust Korean and Chinese ELF.We followed SJ for years already.We are telling you the reality by our observation.
There is a "curse" in Korean bands(especially those formed by SM Entertainment),very few bands can last more than 5 years-------We call it "5 Years Curse". 
-H.O.T,a popular five-member South Korean boy band formed in 1996,disbanded in 2001 with SME.
-In 2003 SME's 5-year contract ended,Shinhwa signed a new contract with a new record label.(Sad to say,their popularity was no longer as hot as before when they were under SME)
-S.E.S. ,a popular K-Pop girl group that signed with SME in 1997 and broke up at the end of 2002.
-TVXQ (formed in 2003) is still having lawsuit with SME.Lately,Avex has announced that TVXQ members can have solo activities only.In other words,they can't appear as TVXQ in Japan anymore.How about in Korea?Hero,Micky and Xiah refused to be back to SME.
*For more,please refer to WIKI*

(Normally,these bands left SME because of many contract problems and unfair treatments.Yes,Korean and Chinese ELF can tell you this:SME can creat many many popular stars and bands,but they really treat artists badly.That's why Hangeng chose to leave.)
Concerning SJ,here comes the 5th anniversary.Still don't understand?We have a great risk!We can't be sure SJ have 5th album in the future!
So what Korean and Chinese ELF are doing for the coming album?We are registering for accounts to prepare for our war so that we can vote for SJ to make them win in ceremonies at the end of this year.Throught out the whole year,we have to put lots of effort on "trial listen". [Korean ceremonies:sales volume(10%) , Voting(10%) , "Trial listen"(80%)] 

The 4th album will be released in May.
As an ELF,what your responsibility is to let SJ have a brilliant achievement in 2010.Big Bang,Wonder Girls,Lee Hyo Lee,Rain,2PM,Girls Generation,all of them are our great competitors this year.

Please!Please work with us.SJ isn't entertainer!ELF are born to support by all means!If you're not willing to help,it doesn't matter,but please don't call yourself ELF. 

Many of SJ's members get sick/hurt because of 4th album.How do you repay their great effort?^^This is the last chance.

cre; Michelle Fung, thanks for the note!

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