Friday, May 14, 2010

[100514] Shindong, Reason for Public Proposal? “Because I like her”

Super Junior ShinDong confessed the reason of his public proposal through 4jib “Miina” album’s Thanks To.

ShinDong simply stated that his reason for renouncing his love through Thanks To is because “[he] likes her (the girlfriend)” on his interview with the reporter on 14th just before the KBS “Music Bank” rehearsal.

Adding that “When I first made the code, I admire myself for making one” he laughed and continued “I didn’t expect the fans would find out that fast. (Making the code,) I thought the fans would be more interested in 4jib album and talk more about it.”

About openly talking about marrying, he smiled and said “not yet..” He said it’s just another way of him to show his love. Also he added that “Because my girlfriend is not a celeb, I’m still more careful…Please help me have a good relationship with her.”

Other members’ reaction is funny. HeeChul laughed and said “If we don’t win GoldenDisk this year, it’s all ShinDong’s fault”. He also added, “that kind of code you can solve by reading “KinDaiChi Case Files*.”
ShinDong wrote a code saying `B2B8,B4B9,B3A8, B3C6,B4B9, A4A7B4,B5B6B2,B5B8,A2B8,C3B7B3,B5B6B2,B5B8,B2C7B2,A4B7,B3A8, A5B8,B4B8B3,B5A9,A2C6B4,A4A10, B3A7B3,B3C6B7B2,B5B9` at 4jib’s Thanks To, garnering fans’ attention. This code deciphers into “NariYa let’s get married. I’m proposing right now. I’ll love you forever.” The fans’ reaction is generally positive. They’re saying it’s romantic that ShinDong openly proposed through a code that’s known by the two of them.

On the other hand, Super Junior released their title song “Miina” (BONAMANA) of 4jib, starting their promotions through their comeback stage on KBS 2TV “MusicBank”.

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