Friday, May 14, 2010

Donghae’s Thanks to His Father in 4th Album

To: Father
Has been about 4 years time that I hasn’t called Daddy out… It is like I can call it forever, thinking it is just in front of me, but time just passed on like that. One day…One month… One year… So many things went on… Although (I) feel that father will be watching me in heaven, but it is still a pity, growing up like this, if father can keep on seeing it, I really think that there is nothing as happy as that… Writing the words like that, on this rainy day that father like, sitting in dorm. 2010/04/25 – PM 03:10 – Telling father the news of us releasing the 4th album ^^ perhaps it is because of the rain, I miss father more…^^ The Super Junior that has been receiving lot of love from everyone everytime we release an album! This time, in order to also get everyone’s love, father please pray for us ^^ also, from the photos (you) can tell, following the pass of time, I made many changes, and father is still as usual ^^ Father, please continue to see how I change even in heaven, how I overcome all the tests(obstacles), how I smile, how I cry, how I am happy, how I am sad… And also, when we met in the future, please tell me, I really miss you, I love you my son Donghae ya ^^ (Actually, it is because I haven’t heard it for a long time…) because everyone can hear it, but I cant anymore … It is so annoying! Hahaha, for this album, I will work hard in order to get everyone’s love!! Hwaiting!!^^ I LOVE S.Y.L
Credit: 海世代
Chinese Translation:ZOEY
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