Thursday, May 27, 2010

[100527] Shindong's Twitter Update

영화 하녀를 봤습니다..근데요 이게...숨은내용이있는걸까요???? 결국엔 너가뭘해봤자 아무신경안쓰고 난 행복하게 살 지롱~~ 인가??? ㅡㅡ 그리고 의사의 이집안남자들은 다 왜이래 라는 내용의이야기는안나 오네 아쉽..** 숨은내용있으면 알려주세요
I saw the movie .. I was wondering what the maid ... I wonder if the hidden content?? Even if you know what to do after all live happily without having to worry ~ ~ is all good?? ㅡ ㅡ and the doctor's house, the information is wrong in the story of the guys he is sorry to say that I do let me know if you ..** hidden content

source; @ShinsFriends

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