Thursday, May 27, 2010

Semir's Staff about SJ-M

1 & 2) 
Shooting superjuniorM once again today, I realised that everyone has lost weight. Donghae even used Chinese to ask me “You’re on a diet, right”. I’m very puzzled. Today I’m wearing ‘the thing’ tee clay gave me, went outside to take a look at sjm’s fans, suddenly realised that the wording on the tee was not appropriate so I hurried back into the studio.
@XanderZhou Other than styling, also in-charged of Henry’s dnce part (choreography), this is Instructor Zhou at work. Tomorrow is Henry’s flying day, Beijing to Korea, Korea to America, @ChoiSiWon added “moreover it’s economy class”
3) P.S.: The entry was reblogged later by @XanderZhou and then he added “an exhaustive child”
Today SJM’s fans started waiting at the door from one in the afternoon, keeping watch until we’d finished shooting, I saw their persistance, very touched! I’m honoured to have been able to take solo shots together with Henry and Donghae respectively Henry was very talkative, is someone who doesn’t let you feel distant, very cute, Donghae is a cool boy, maybe it’s due to the language barrier, the end everybody together with Siwon took a group of photos, anticipating

credits to 1, 2 & 3) xanderzhou (Semir’s photoshoot stylist) & xuchuang’s (Semir’s photoshoot photographer) weibo4) (1741661732 // 顾璇) gu xuan’s weibo (Gu Xuan is an actress, and one of the models in their Semir photoshoot)translated by ミ mholic ★@sj-world.netshared by myiuchan@sj-world.netMay be taken out with full credits

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