Saturday, May 29, 2010

[100529] Zhou Mi's SINA Update

周觅_SJM:今天在机场收到了一份很有意义的礼物~真的很感动~谢谢大家~ 捐赠者的地方其实应该写上你们的名字,希望有更多的机会可以做慈善,尽我们的力量帮助需要帮助的人们~让我们一起努力,加油!!
周觅_SJM:Received a very meaningful present at the airport today~ Am really touched~ Thank you everyone~ At the place of the donators, actually should write down your names, hope that there are many other chances of doing charity, using our ability to help those that required help~ Let us work hard together, jiayou!!

T/N: I think Honeys donated to charity on behalf on Zhou Mi. The picture is a cert showing Zhou Mi’s donation

Credit: Zhou Mi SINA WeiBo
Translated: minoko2440 @
Reup/Shared: minoko2440 @
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