Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heechul “I want to get rid of my minihompy”

Super Junior Kim Heechul has revealed that he wanted to get rid of his minihompy after starting using Twitter.
Kim Heechul has said on the press conference for Super Junior Vol4 that “Recently I have a thought that I should get rid of my minihompy which I made even before my debut. I dont know since when my minihompy has become a place for me to explain about the bad rumors about me which are going around the internet. I just write for funs but since when it has become my burden”.
Heechul started using Twitter after Shindong did, Shindong said “You can give people acorn as gift in minihompy and it has become the burden for the fans” therefore he started using Twitter. Especially with Twitter they can communicate with oversea fans, Shindong said “Among my 100,000 followers, there are 80,000 people are foreign people” with proud.

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  1. oh yeah!!!~ buang je cyworld tuh..ktorg International ELF bknnye bleh paham sume bnde alah hangul tuh..at least twitter sng lg~ XDDDDD