Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesung on the Silver Screen

Seems like ELFs may be seeing more of their beloved Super Junior members take the leap to the silver screen.
On May 24th at a press conference for his musical Hong GildongYesung revealed that he was interested in pursuing a career in acting.
“I really want to act. I have sung a lot on TV. But I have a great desire for acting. Doing musical gives me a lot of advantages as it features beautiful songs and requires acting skill. I am into musicals now, but later I’d like to act in dramas and movies, too. Right after Namhansansung I was asked to be a part of Hong Gildong. However, I have been unable to organize my schedule with the fourth album activities.”

He also talked about his experiences in the musical, “I practised really hard (for the first stages) and heard a lot about it”.
“Talking about the representatives of our country, it’s hard to distinguish between Hong Gildong and Lim Kkeokjeong. I want to live like them two…Hong Gildong is a real person whose righteous life I always wanted to live. I also even picked up trash paper,” Yesung commented about his character, earning laughs from those present.
Yesung also explained why he took the role despite having to prepare for his groups 4th album activities at the same time, “There are many other actors with different schedule still saying that they do not practice enough, though. I also wanted to learn more from them. Therefore, I decided to take part again”
Yesung and band mate Lee Sungmin will take the stage one last time June 5th to June 13th at Seoul National Museum of Theater for the encore performance of their musical Hong Gildong. Let’s wish them all the best!
Source: newsen + tvdaily
TranslationLaCrymaMosa @ sj-world.net
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