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[100527] Asia MYX Extended Special, Snippets from the SS2 Manila Press Conference

The following are some of the questions and answers during the Super Junior SS2 press conference here in Manila. I didn't make a transcript for the full interview because the interviewers kept asking the same questions so the answers were becoming kinda redundant. :D

With Gretchen Fullido

Gretchen: Are there funny stories within the group? You guys teasing one another, something like that that you wanna share to your fans?
Shindong: Our biggest concern right now is our diet and lately, we're all working out and keeping up with our healthy meals. Siwon had a photoshoot where he showed off his abs, like perfect abs, and because of that, it triggered all of the other members to work out and do our diet. So although we’re not showing it right now, I'm pretty much confident that we all have perfect abs.

Gretchen: Can you show the abs? -laughs- (motions for them to lift their shirts)
(Shindong stands up and rubs his stomach)

Gretchen: Well this will be your last concert for the tour and we're very excited about it but are you planning to come back to the Philippines since we all wanna see more of Super Junior.
Leeteuk: We would love to come back. Actually if you want to see our abs, you have to come to the concert and be there from the start to the end and you will see a lot of devices and our abs too.

Gretchen: So you're showing your abs tonight?Siwon: *motions "No" with his hand*
Leeteuk: Yes!
-laughs- (Siwon embarrassed)

With Iya Villania

Iya: Hiii! (Leeteuk: Hiii!) Welcome to the Philippines! *awkward silence* Welcome! -laughs- Now I do understand it’s your first time here in the Philippines, how do you feel about it?
(Kyuhyun sitting with legs wide open)

Leeteuk: We've always wanted to go here and visit. Having that dream come true, and to be seating right here... we're just very excited!
(Kyuhyun closes his legs sheepishly)

Iya: All of you sing and dance, how difficult is it?
Eunhyuk: Well, singing and dancing is of course very difficult. However, we are a lot in a group so we need to have perfect choreography and perfect blocking. But we have members, Yesung-sshi, Kyuhyun-sshi, Ryeowook-sshi, that are excellent singers so we cover up for small mistakes. You need to be really smart to memorize all these together.

Iya: Okay, now how about your subgroups. How different are they from each other?
Leeteuk: There are actually 4 units right now - Super Junior M, Super Junior T, Happy and K.R.Y. Each has its own unique flavor or style in music. All of these have a different target audience. Super Junior M is for the Chinese. K.R.Y is basically for the Japanese. They're trying to come out with a new sub-unit targeting a different audience so you better watch out for that.

Note: There’s a part in this segment where Ryeowook is just staring straight at Iya and Eunhyuk turns to his side to face Ryeowook. Hyuk then proceeds to quietly say something to him and they both smile and look back at Iya. A little after that, Heechul and Siwon start whispering to each other as well and they look at how Iya is sitting down with her legs crossed. Then Heechul crosses his legs too. Haha!

With Dino Imperial and San Concepcion

Dino: What do you know about the Philippines so far?
Leeteuk: Philippines, unlike Korea is a very hot country. It’s very cold back in Korea right now. But as much as the weather is hot here, the people too are very warm in welcoming us. We look forward to the success of the show that's about to happen tonight.
Kyuhyun: I noticed that a lot of Koreans live here as well. I have also been very familiar with the word "Manila" since I was a kid because before, I used to play board games and spelled "Manila" often. So I have been very familiar with it. (Other members smiling at his answer, Siwon covering his face at this point and Leeteuk reaching out to Kyuhyun, asking for the microphone. Haha!)

With the rest of the Press

What made you want to be a part of Super Junior?

Kyuhyun: It was our childhood dream to become singers. And with a lot of good support from other people, we were able to achieve this. (members are smiling and muttering to themselves)

Sungmin: The reason why we've always wanted to come to the Philippines was because a lot of fans came to visit us in Korea to see our radio shows and musicals to show their support. Knowing that we have indeed a lot of fans here, we really wanted to come.

Leeteuk: There's a song we've been liking since we arrived here in the Philippines.(Starts singing a song I cannot recognize haha!)

What is the one you do before you before? Do you have any rituals?
Siwon: (In English) We just pray to God. We just pray before we go to the stage. -audience claps and cheers- (Siwon looks amused and kinda baffled with the response. Haha!)

For Sungmin and Yesung, You are starring in musicals. What do the other members think about that?
Shindong: We think very good if it.
*Sungmin shows off his round house kick* (looks shy afterwards.♥)
Yesung: He can actually do much better than that but he has to rest for now. His legs are not in perfect condition.

The next question is for Lee Dong Hae. It seems that you're really the most popular member here in the Philippines. Do you have anything to say to your Filipino fans?
Donghae: Really? First of all, I'm really shocked to know that I'm the most popular member. If it is indeed true, (Eunhyuk whispers something to Donghae), it means that I'm also contributing to the popularity of Super Junior. I also wish that I could make a drama series here in the Philippines if possible.

Hello, I'd like to ask you guys if you still have stage fright?
Ryeowook: Its been five years since we began performing on stage. But despute the years we are still frightened and scared when we go to the stage.

Do you watch Siwon's show?
Leeteuk: Yes we watch Siwon's drama and his acting is really improving! He plays an artist in his TV series and recently, he had a kissing scene with one of the leading actresses. We were all kind of jealous of him and were surprised when we saw the kissing scenes of Siwon. We were like "Wooooooo!"

Happee Sy (concert organizer)
To Filipino ELF: Please watch out for Super Junior's comeback on February 2011.

Charice Pempengco

"They were really the first international artists that I got to appear with...that was when I guested in Star King and had a duet with Kyuhyun singing A Whole New World. That was 2007... They are really nice people, especially Kyuhyun whom I got to interact with more because we were together in the dressing room for quite some time. Kyuhyun is so shy but all I can say is that he's super nice! I'm proud because it was only a while ago that I was with them; and Korea, and they're really big there. When I found out that they had a concert here, I wish I watched them. I’m really happy and proud of Super Junior. " (Translated

Credit: MYX
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