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[100601] Duet of Bibi Chow and Hankyung for Asian Games - Article

Once the Asian Games’ song《亚运有我精彩之吉》was heard, which was composed by musician Xiao Ke and Mv producer Jinhe Lin and sang by Bibi Chow and Hangeng, this promotion song can surely drive the national passion towards the game to the limit. With the Cross-Strait cooperation of the elite singers, the grand combination of the song will send a wild music wave for the Asian Games, as well as becoming the most popular song of 2010.

Hangeng with high popularity, beating Rain to be chosen as the lead male singer
After many rounds of serious considerations, the sponsors chose Hangeng based on his worldwide influence and his Chinese nationality, deciding to give up Rain and used Geng as the lead male singer of 《亞運有我精彩之吉》. This is as well his fist grand appearance in 2010.
After struggling a long time in Korea, Geng accumulated a lot of popularity and a great appealing power. After coming back to the Chinese music industry, he even became the successor of the new generation’s dancing singers. After being invited to sing the promotion song, Hangeng was very emotional, saying that as a native Chinese, he felt extremely honored to sing for the Asian Game.
Geng’s grand return to China, 4 advantages helping him to be the lead singer
Being the lead singer of《亞運有我精彩之吉》this time, it acts as a important signal for Hangeng’s return to China, moreover, there are 4 advantages that makes him different from other mainland singers. Firstly, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic, he was the first member from a boy group to be the torchbearer, establishing a royal image of him in the sports field.
After being invited shooting the promotion film of volunteers of Asian Games, Hangeng became the singer with the most connection with Guangzhou Asian Games. Besides, his healthy, refreshing and positive image helped him to gain the chance of being chosen.
Moreover, during the Beijing Olympic, Hangeng had participated in the song Beijing Welcome You composed by Xiao Ke, together with hundreds more singers, gaining the experience of interpreting the music of large sports events.
With his good qualities, Geng had a high popularity and many fans support, further promoting the Asian Games song.

Duet of Hangeng and Bibi Chow, creating a new time for Asian Games promotion song
Although Bibi Chow and Hangeng are singers of the late 80s, they both are elite idols in the new generation of music industry. With them cooperating to sing a duet, they would be the most young and vigor group of singers in the Asian Games, as well as making a new record in the Asian Games promotion history.
Other than the youngest group singers in the Asia Games, in the Mandarin music sector, Bibi Chow and Hangeng are both idols with high popularity, which makes them a perfect combination for the Asian Games promotion song. And with their popularity,《亞運有我精彩之吉》could hopefully be popular among the society, adding more interesting moments to the Guangzhou Asian Games.
《亞 運有我精彩之吉》 is the promotion song of Asian Games, didn’t translate it since it doesn’t have an official English name and it would be weird after translating

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