Thursday, June 10, 2010

[100609] Eunhyuk says f(x) Nu ABO and T-max's Don't be rude is similar

On today's Sukira, Eunhyuk mentioned something that most of us didn't realised about. Actually, if eunhyuk didn't mention, i don't think any of us would know how similar the two songs are. Comparing the tone and it ends of with a high pitch sound; unNIE~ and bojiMA~. Its amazing that eunhyuk is so observant and could react fast in order to create a good atmostphere. As expected, he is a ' always ready entertainer'. He must have gain those experience doing Teukigayo.

Reported by Ting18♥ @ DKP
Credit: superting18@ yt

so what did you guys think??

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