Tuesday, June 29, 2010

[100629] Hangeng will perform with China Symphonic Orchestra + 3D Hangeng.

Han Geng, first solo album to be released next month on the 27th, represents a brand new start in the industry. 20 million pumped into producing the new album, recording is done in Taiwan, China and America, the music video is also filmed in New Zealand.
[Compiled by: Sina, Sohu and Ren Min]

The dance of song was choreographed specially for Han Geng by Michael Jackson’s choreographer. Dancers in his MV were also Michael Jackson’s team of dancers. Han Geng is the only artiste who worked with them after Michael Jackson. Han Geng also invited many famous producer to help in the production of his album: Yuan Wei Ren, Fang Wen Shan, Ah Di Ar, Chao Xuan Bin and Zheng Nan.

2010 [Geng Xin/Heart of Geng] Han Geng’s concert in Beijing, will be held on the 17th and 18th of July at the Beijing Exhibition Centre. This is Han Geng’s first solo concert after his debut.

The theme of this concert is [Geng Xin/Heart of Geng], in Chinese, it represents the brand new start and brand new journey of Han Geng. It emphasize on the renewal and evolution of Han Geng’s skills. So, in the concert, Han Geng would venture into ways of performing he never tried before. Other than music genres he does that everyone knows of, to show Han Geng’s ideas on his music, he would also be trying the other genres like orchestral, percussion and unplugged. To perform with the China Symphonic Orchestra, it will show the affectionate side of Han Geng. To perform in an unplugged manner, it will show Han Geng’s clear and crisp voice. He will also be performing with China’s top notch percussionist during the fast-paced song.

For fans to know more about Han Geng, other than his superb dancing skills, he will also show his affectionate side. In the aspect of dancing and visual, there will be a breakthrough in the concert. They would be using the newest projection technology, Suspended Invisible Screen, showing a real and a virtually 3D Han Geng performing a Sci-Fi Dance routine. Unable to distinguish the differences, it would give the fans an unbelievable and cool feeling.

Source: Baidu
Translation: huiwensg @ geng_bao

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