Thursday, June 24, 2010

The story behind Choi Siwon’s trademark pose

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’ aired on June 22nd, Siwon was asked “What is your three fingers trademark gesture all about?” Siwon answered “It was before Super Junior debuted, when I went to Hong Kong to film and promote for a movie. We had to pose for the reporters to take photos when we introduce ourselves. But because I was young I felt very pressured and didn’t have that much confidence, so when I raise my hands to greet them my ring finger and pinky just didn’t come up properly.”

Siwon also said “When Leeteuk hyung saw that gesture, he made a big deal out of it by saying that it looks like a chicken’s feet and named it ‘chicken feet greeting’” this draws a lot of laughter from everyone.

“After that all of the members had fun teasing me about this… especially when fans give good responses. So now when I greet, I just use three fingers” He added while laughing.

He was also asked “I heard that when you throw your clothes into the basket you like to act like you are shooting basketball… Is that true?” “That is true,” He answered, laughing.

Along with Siwon of Super Junior, Jung Yong Hwa and Taecyeon (2pm) also appeared in this episode of ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’

credits: KBS2TV’s ‘Seung Seung Jang Gu’
translated by: chibihime @
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