Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leeteuk and Shindong to be special MCs for Inkigayo Special

Super Junior's schedule was updated on the official SM website recently and it was announced that Super Junior's Eeteuk and Shindong will be the special MCs for the Inkigayo special on the 13th of June.

Leeteuk was known to have lots of experience in hosting which includes 'Star King' and having a corner on 'Strong Heart' while Shindong was known for being the MC of 'Bbo Bbo Bbo'. Both of them are experienced MCs and because of this, netizens are looking forward to their great MC-ing skills and how they will bring up the whole world cup atmosphere.

Some of them gave positive comments such as 'they are really good MCs. can't wait to watch for tomorrow's inkigayo special'. With bad incidents such as the 'Shanghai World Expo stampede' incident, some fans started disliking Super Junior.
Well, lets hope that both of them will be able to help Super Junior gain back their
good impression.

What do you guys think? 

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