Sunday, May 9, 2010

[100508] Kyuhyun's UFO Town Message on Parents Day


(The song he started singing was a Teachers’ Day song)
Ah? Not this song? Today is Parents’ Day and to us, it is the day dedicated to the most important people in our lives – our parents! Has everyone prepared letters of appreciations and a pretty carnation for their parents? We should not only respect, love and obey our parents for just this one day in a year but doing it every day, every moment is not as easy as we think. I hope everyone will love their parents more and more the older they grow, and I am sure everyone else hopes so too.
I am touched as I talk about myself~~ Although I, Kyuhyun, am already a renowned filial child, I should continue working hard so that Kyuhyun will instantly appear in everyone’s minds whenever “a filial child” is mentioned!!
Everyone, let’s work hard together~

in Korea, 7th May is the Parent's Day

@youtube : princekyu
translated by sohyz, subbed by nickestiara

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