Sunday, May 9, 2010

Donghae's UFO Replied

ELF: Oppa,I’ve bought a canvas shoe and it was a defect,the brand even fell off..
Donghae: Really,where did you buy it?go return it hand in hand with oppa

ELF: Oppa,because the mosquitoes can’t sleep properly,help me teach them a lesson
Donghae: Tell me the mosquito’s name and address,I’ll go teach them a lesson

ELF: Lee Hyukjae is mine!
Donghae: He is obviously mine

ELF: I’m sorry because I love you
Donghae: I’m sorry because I love you more

ELF: (you) always makes us touched
Donghae: E.L.F,who always provide us with your love and care*

ELF: Is SJ-M returning to Korea?We can see oppas again?Ah,I’m going to cry
Donghae: Don’t cry,if you cry,I’m going to give you a bobo** (kiss)

ELF: Oppa!Eunhae is the most recognized couple~
Donghae: I’ve already broke up with Eunhyuk

ELF: Loving SJ,the love which cannot be expressed in a thousand words.However,this love has became the biggest miracle of my life
Donghae: If you don’t work hard,you will never have any miracles,but we’re going to be the SJ which works even harder!

ELF: I know what you did last careful of the roads at night!
Donghae: I’m so scared…I didn’t do any crime!

ELF: Did Oppa watch “Boys over flowers”?Isn’t F4 so handsomeT_T?
Donghae: I’m also very handsome!I’m Boys over Donghae~~~

Source;Donghae’s baidu (Thank you Sapphyblue!)
1st UFO reply translated by
Rest of the UFO replies translated by ♥유진


  1. Donghae: Tell me the mosquito’s name and address,I’ll go teach them a lesson

    i can't say anything but i just want hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah :D

  2. Cute Donghae..
    So Funny He's Answering All The Question..^_^