Sunday, May 9, 2010

[100509] Super Junior Heechul's Message to ELF with Translation

now it's Heechul's time.

Hello everyone, I am Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. 
We, Super Junior is starting our 4jib in this warm Spring season. 
Met with everyone last year through Sorry Sorry, and it still feels new. 
Ya~ Has already been so long, now we are preparing our 4jib and is going to meet everyone soon. 
I am curious what song will everyone like, of course, should be the title song right? keke.
 Everyone please support our new song! (Shindong: Bonamana) Za~ Just like this, thank you everyone, Kim Heechul will work hard. Everyone, byebye~ (Shindong and Heechul: I love you, Kim Heechul. Milky Skin, Kim Heechul)

isn't this message supposed to be 'Heechul's Voice Message ft Shindong'?? lol^^

who's gonna be next tomorrow?? *curious*

credit: SM official website + blueprincez4 @ YT
chinese tran: echo from ELF CITY 妖精之城
english tran: minoko2440 @

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