Friday, June 4, 2010

[100603] Donghae at Dream Team Season 2 Filming [FanAccount]

After a long time, SJ team was only left with Siwon and Donghae. The other side was left with Eunhyuk and Minho. But Donghae never manage to jump afterward; the MC said if he showed his body (like Hyuk just now who showed his abs so he can try again) he can try again but Donghae didn’t do so. After Donghae walked down, SJ members and 2PM went to comfort him, until Hae walked to his seat and sat down. We thought it was nothing but we suddenly heard Sungmin said that Donghae cried and the fans shouted, “don’t cry, it’s okay”. Hyukkie also went to comfort Donghae.

We also heard some SJ members told Donghae not to cry, and he said he didn’t cry but when Eunhyuk hugged him he cried so loud. He’s really like a kid in Eunhyuk’s arms!

Eunhyuk and Minho were with other for a long time. But later on Eunhyuk went to chat and play with Donghae. The two of them even hugged and spinned in circles. Cute!

Credit: SJ’s baidu
Chinese to English Translation by Kaila and Jenne @

Please take out with full credits.

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