Friday, June 4, 2010

[100604] Super Junior’s Han Geng At IDOL Magazine In China

After ‘disappearing’ for so long, Hangeng has once again returned to our side, with more confidence than ever before. He can now tell everyone – he is free. To be able to sleep till he wakes up by himself, learning things that interest him, and also being able to be together with his family members. All the hard-work that he has put in for the last few years were not in vain, with so many people still supporting him, anticipating his comeback once again. Looks like this path that Hangeng chose was not wrong, going back to hometown allowed him to appreciate what he have now, and with all those old memories will be in his heart, the feeling of freedom has never been so carefree.

Healthy living of sleeping and waking up early

As stress and pressure builds up on us every day, our wants tends to be lesser and lesser. To be able to sleep till one wakes up is like a dream. To work so stressfully every day, we sometime wonder what we are doing all these for. Why not we just forget it, don’t work, don’t live with so much money, and just being able to sleep all we want. However, life doesn’t allow us to live life this way, which is why our Hangeng, who has gone through much hardship, finally decides to take a break, and go on hiatus.

During his hiatus, a lot of his fans wondered how he was doing, and because of these, came a lot of rumors. It was a good thing that Hangeng didn’t make us wait long, and recently, there has been a lot of news regarding him, with the new Hangeng looking more healthy, but the reason wasn’t what others have been speculating, which was that his leaving that made him feel this way. Hangeng said: “actually, it isn’t what everything thinks it is. Because the last few years had been really busy, there isn’t any personal time at all. So, after leaving, my lifestyle was back to normal, and sleep at 12 every night. The change is rather obvious, it’s better.

This time, Hangeng seem to have gained freedom, being able to sleep at any time he wants. And also to have workouts every afternoon, and these workouts makes him look less thin and more manly. Hangeng also said that he feels life is now more meaningful, other than exercising and practicing dancing every day, he is also learning English, and some of these things are things that he wished to learn a few years before but never got the chance to. And now, to be able to achieve all this is in exchange for the hard work he has put in. Freedom can only be gained after the hard work.

Father and Mother, it has been a long time.

When we were young, we always hoped for that one day where we need not be always by our parents’ side. This way, there won’t be anyone to bother us. However, as we grow up, when we really leave our parents’ side, we wish for those days where we were together with them. Especially when we are experiencing difficulties, we tend to miss them more. Hangeng was one of them. Going alone to Korea at an early age, and only relying with his capabilities, he stayed in Korea to widen his career prospect. After so many years, we know that Hangeng has grown to this lifestyle. But every time we hear Hangeng saying that he misses his mum did we realise that this 7-foot man will also cry when he misses someone.

Hangeng’s tears are something we rarely see, since he was in exposed to the outside world at a very young age, he is much more matured than anyone else. Even when he encounters difficulties, he wouldn’t tell his mother. It is only behind everyone’s back, that he will let out tears. However, it doesn’t mean that we didn’t see anything, no one knows anything. The heavens must have known about the hardships Hangeng has gone through, and when he decided to leave SM Entertainment, only a small proportion of people were against the idea, while majority of the people supported him. And among those who supported him, were of course his parents. After only being able to see each other occasionally for the last few years, this decision by Hangeng has brought about a family reunion. Hangeng said: “because I was busy in the past, and always not in China, seeing my parents were difficult. Now, I have to gain back lost time.”

Being able to repay all those years of lost time with his parents allowed Hangeng to see his loved ones first thing in the morning. All these may seem like simple actions, but to Hangeng, it took a lot of hard work to exchange for this. This is what being in the entertainment industry is all about, you cannot see what you wish to see, but it is only when you truly put aside your career, that you can get back all these family relationships. Hangeng did it, and in the coming days, there will be no need for Hangeng to cry because he misses his parents, since they are around him, with their hearts even nearer to each other.

The year of 2002

For many people, this year will be as normal as any other year, however, to Hangeng, it was a turning point in his life, because, it was this year that this not even 20 year old boy made his way to Korea alone, starting his career. Thinking back, Hangeng said: “at that time, I was the first foreigner to come to Korea to debut, and the company didn’t know the legislations. So when the company told me that I wouldn’t be able to perform in Korea after today, I immediately burst out crying, like everything around me doesn’t matter anymore.” For a guy to experience such a shock in his life, it was something Hangeng will never forget.

The want to try things out

Because of the young age, even if there were failures, there would be nothing to be afraid about. Harbouring such thoughts, Hangeng went ahead with SM Entertainment to Korea, and decided to set up his career there. “I wanted to try out, and if it wasn’t to my liking, I can always come back to study in university.” With such thinking, Hangeng stayed in Korea, going through the tedious process of practicing every day. It was only after the debut of Super Junior, did Hangeng finally see what lies for his future.

From a member to a leader

Since the debut of Super Junior, from Hangeng wearing a mask on stage, to attending award ceremonies, having people coming up to him for signatures, it was a achievement. And this proved that his initiate choice of staying was right. And when there were sub-groups for Super Junior, such as Super Junior – M and Super Junior – T, Hangeng became the leader of Super Junior – M. bringing both old and new members with him, and going back to his own country, allowed more people to see the hard work he had put in over the years. Even though he isn’t part of Super Junior – M now, people are still able to see the sweat and blood he has put in.

Translated by: ミ mholic ★

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